Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

January 26, 2009

Even Larry Fitzgerald can't believe most of BOP is predicting a Cardinals win.

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Daron Aldridge: I think of it in terms of fellow Adam Sandler-produced "INSERT NAME: INSERT OCCUPATION" titled film, Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo. While Deuce didn't opened as robust as Paul Blart, it held surprisingly well. Deuce debuted with $12.2 million ($17.1 mil adjusted to 2008 prices) in 1999 and in its second week it also dropped only 32%. With a final tally of $65.5 million ($91.6 mil adjusted), the Schneider film was surprisingly strong considering, like James, he was untested in a lead role.

Shane Jenkins: This is a really surprising result, and Kevin James and Adam Sandler should be pleased with themselves. Well, at least from a financial perspective...

Here's my idea for the sequel - Paul Blart foils terrorists at a Renaissance Faire theme park. Imagine: Paul Blart in armor, Paul Blart falling off a horse, Paul Blart applying the Heimlich to someone choking on a turkey leg. You're welcome, Hollywood!

Tim Briody: I...did not see this one coming and I continue to weep for humanity. It held remarkably well for a stupid comedy. Kevin James is no longer to be trifled with.

Sean Collier: John Hamann pointed out the big shocker in his wrap-up. Somehow, Kevin James has a string of three $100 million films on his hands. Considering what a non-entity he was considered to be before Blart, I'm not sure there's any good comparison for his sudden success.


Joel Corcoran: I agree with David's comments - the most apt comparison is with Ace Ventura. But I'm still utterly flabbergasted by how well this movie is performing at the box office. I like Kevin James as an actor, but please - for the love of all that is holy - can we just stop the Paul Blart franchise after the sequel? Please?

Jim Van Nest: While I like the Ace Ventura comparison, I think another decent comparison could be Wayne's World. It opened to $18 million and finished with around $12 0million. Who ever saw THAT coming? The sketch wasn't all that funny on SNL. I think Blart will likely follow Wayne's World insomuch as a sequel would just tank horribly, unlike When Nature Calls.

Jamie Ruccio: I'm not sure what is a good comparison at this point, but the drop of only 32% is what surprised me. I absolutely did not see this coming. If this thing has decent legs on top of the opening, quote someone here last week:

"I hate people".

I kid.

I really think that people, however, very much underestimate Safe Comedy. There's an entire TV network that's prospered satisfying an audience who wants nothing edgy. There's nothing wrong with family friendly comedy either. I'm just surprised that this continues to do well into it's second week.

Adam Sandler is just ruining everything for everyone this week.

Kim Hollis: Inkheart, the unheralded Brendan Fraser family film, opened to $7.7 million with a per venue average of $2,910. Given its $50 million production budget, how poor a result is this?

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