Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

January 12, 2009

He's wearing his Arizona Cardinals watch!

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Kim Hollis: Gran Torino expanded into 2,808 venues this weekend and brought in a jaw-dropping $29.5 million. How did Warner Bros. get such a breakout performance?

Brandon Scott: It's a cross-generational type of movie. People trust Clint as a director, so that brings in a certain crowd. The storyline is universal enough to attract a wide spectrum of age groups. Most importantly, people love to see Clint in this type of role, for which he has generated some buzz. Its not a great film, though. While Clint is fun, the Hmong acting is atrocious and unacceptable in a film of this (any) size. I blame that squarely on Clint.

Max Braden: Following Snakes on a Plane they could have probably named it Clint Eastwood With Guns with the same result.

Daron Aldridge: It had enough recognition to merit a wide expansion, which honestly was much wider than I thought it would, and yes, it is more accessible than the period crime-drama of Changeling. Clint being Dirty Old Harry is what people must want.

Jim Van Nest: Daron, you're dead on. Badass Clint Eastwood stills puts butts in seats. I mean, seriously, how long has it been since Clint's kicked some ass? It's been a long time. I know a ton of people who couldn't wait for this to come out. Most of it had to do with the fact that we'll probably never see Badass Clint in a new movie ever again. And, for a smaller film, the TV ads were EVERYwhere.


Sean Collier: A quick question for those who have seen the film - did anyone get a total on the number of times anyone smiled in this film? I had my money on three or less.

The commercials were everywhere, and decidedly compelling - which is something, considering a film without a particularly unique plot. Furthermore, Clint's been everywhere (I actually saw him on Ellen, which was a bizarre sight...I missed the beginning, let's hope he didn't dance,) and seems to really enjoy his film and want people to see it. We, the people, trust Clint. Besides, we're afraid of what he'll do if we don't buy tickets.

Jamie Ruccio: I think its success can be credited to a few factors. I think Clint Eastwood's name alone, as an actor and especially now a director brings in an audience. I also agree that the story is compelling and universal enough to interests several demographics. But honestly, I think having Tough Guy Clint Eastwood was the draw. Like most famous things in Hollywood, audiences want to see things one more time - whether it's Indiana Jones or Darth Vader. The prospect of seeing Clint Eastwood squint down the barrel of a gun was too much for audiences to resist. And I'm glad, because it's a great film. It's more than it appears to be, too.

Jason Lee: Honestly, I think this is an example of what happens when a good actor does a good job in delivering the exact type of product that audiences love them for. It's Clint's version of Julia Roberts' "My Best Friend's Wedding."

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