Summer in Review: June

By BOP Staff

October 29, 2008

They're gonna make it after all!

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Kim Hollis: June's releases were:

Kung Fu Panda - $213.8 million domestic, $604.5 worldwide, $125 million budget
You Don't Mess With the Zohan - $100 million domestic, $169.2 worldwide, $90 million budget
The Incredible Hulk - $134.5 million domestic, $254.2 million worldwide, $135 million budget
The Happening - $64.5 million domestic, $162.6 million worldwide, $60 million budget
Get Smart - $128.5 million domestic, $216 million worldwide, $75 million budget
The Love Guru - $32.2 million domestic, $38.3 million worldwide, $70 million budget
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - $17.5 million domestic, $10 million budget
WALL-E: $218.6 million domestic, $393.6 million worldwide (so far), $180 million budget
Wanted: $134.1 million domestic, $276.2 million worldwide, $75 million budget

In a few sentences, describe your final thoughts of the performances of each of these films.

Brandon Scott: Kung Fu Panda was a hit chopping up a lot of receipts while the ET for a new generation, Wall-E, was a slight disappointment even though they rode to roughly the same box office domestically. That's where budget and expectations come into play, I guess. Kittredge showed that the little doll Breslin couldn't anchor her own film just yet. I didn't mess with Zohan, but it's blowing enough hair just to try and dry out at $100 million, so Sandler can claim another in his repertoire. However, with its big budget, it was as disappointing as rocking a Jheri Curl in present day. While Carell, being shrewdly teamed with Hathaway, got Smart, nobody had love for the Guru Pitka. Myers' career might be in some real trouble now as a result. I would rather watch Rog and Rerun try to figure out what's Happening than gamble on Shayamalan's misfire. That was a disappointment to be sure. The Hulk shouldn't really be done as any sort of solo film at this point, as a collaborative Avengers effort might be a bigger smash. Wanted generated a surprising total sum and McAvoy could be sought out for a Matt Damon-esqe career now. Good for him.


Scott Lumley: Kung Fu Panda - So very, very good. I'm praying for a sequel to this film because I want some more of that world. Just amazing work all around.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan - Meh. Typical Adam Sandler schlock. MUST we keep giving Rob Schneider work?

The Incredible Hulk - In spite of the fact that the original Hulk movie made just about the exact same amount of cash, I still think the reboot was a good move. This was a fantastic action film for the summer and I think only the fact that it got caught in "the superhero summer of 2008" hurt it.

The Happening - At least it wasn't Lady in the Water.

Get Smart - It made money, but got swallowed up by the Dark Knight juggernaut.

The Love Guru - All we need him to do now is jump up and down on Oprah's couch and that'll completely kill Mike's career.

Kit Kittredge - Who knew the pedophile market was this small? How does 20/20 keep finding these guys?

WALL-E - It's Pixar. It's awesome. If you haven't seen it, you're just a bad, hateful person.

Wanted: I don't know what the hell this was, but I liked it. I even picked up the graphic novel after I saw the movie and I actually liked the movie better than the novel.

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