Monday Morning Quarterback

By BOP Staff

September 9, 2008

Bridget Moynahan's curse finally takes form.

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This was only dangerous to anyone who spent time watching it.

Kim Hollis: Bangkok Dangerous opened to $7.8 million and had a per venue average of $2,937. Lionsgate is claiming victory since they cheaply acquired distribution rights. Can you really claim a victory with this kind of total?

Reagen Sulewski: This is sort of like the equivalent of surviving a car wreck and saying it was a positive since you didn't pay very much for the car. Also, it's not a very effective way of getting on Nicolas Cage's good side, if indeed that is something you want to do.

Max Braden: Based on Cage's de facto satisfaction with the on set hair stylist for this movie, I wonder if he has a bad side anyone could get on.

Jamie Ruccio: Has Nicolas Cage decided to just take it and do whatever script comes across his agency's desk that's in English? Lionsgate may be able to claim victory in a financial sense but they should question their souls.

Pete Kilmer: This will clear big money in the international markets and on DVD. For a movie like this I truly suspect that anything it makes at the box office is 'gravy' on top of international/dvd business. And Jamie...Nic Cage is in his Gene "I'll Do every film that comes my way in the late 1980s" Hackman phase of his career.

Tim Briody: I kind of thought sub-$10 million box office champions had gone the way of the dodo, but this exceeded all expectations.

Reagen Sulewski: Joining such luminary underachieving overachievers (I hope that makes sense) as Dickie Roberts: Child Star and Fire Down Below!


Scott Lumley: Profit is profit. If they made money off this film after putting up next to no cash for it, then it's a success.

Brandon Scott: It's claiming victory from the jaws of defeat, I guess. They won, obviously, but the total is more wilted than three week old lettuce.

Daron Aldridge: The only people who can claim victory with this movie are the late night talk show hosts who can say the name of the movie repeatedly without fear of being censored.

Sean Collier: Lionsgate won this weekend like the Patriots won this weekend - technically, there was a victory, but all anyone can remember is something ugly and painful that we'd like to put behind us

Jason Lee: The only "victory" is that they managed to grab that #1 spot at the box-office. There's no real money for anyone here - they just managed to be the least worse performer among the new openers. It's like getting an F+ . . . it sounds promising until you spend more than two seconds thinking about it.

David Mumpower: The premise here is that the studio will have made a tiny, tiny amount of money off of this release by the time it exits theaters. The hope would be that viewers will not associate the actual quality of the movie with Lionsgate and even if they do, that's not a studio that screams "I'd like to thank the Academy" anyway.

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