Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

August 12, 2008

The president has important things to do. Like look at Misty May's ass.

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Those pants have visited almost as many places as the Travelocity gnome

Kim Hollis: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 earned $10.7 million over the weekend as well as $19.6 million over five days. Given its $26 million budget, should Warner Bros./Alcon Entertainment be satisfied with this result?

Shane Jenkins: Sure. They greenlit a sequel that will make more money than its predecessor, which is always nice, and this will unquestionably be a DVD hit. They kept costs down (reportedly, this only cost two million more than the first), connected with their audience, and should make a tidy profit. Not bad.

Scott Lumley: It's going to make its money back Sisterhood will be profitable before it even leaves theatres and even more so with DVD sales thrown in. That's the hallmark studios really use for success. "Did it make money? Yes. Good, buy me another ivory handled back scratcher." Hopefully, they recognize that they've gotten all they are going to get out of this particular franchise. Otherwise the next installment is going to get ugly.

Daron Aldridge: They were probably hoping that the Blake Lively's Gossip Girl audience would have been more willing to part with their money, but it is a respectable take for a movie that no one really asked for.

Brandon Scott: Audiences traveled faster to the turnstiles than they did for the first Sisterhood excursion. It had a slightly better per theater average and a bigger opening weekend. So yeah, this is a small movie that will pocket some profit in its pants...a reasonable result.


Ladies Night

Kim Hollis: 90% of people who saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 were female. Was it possible for this movie to succeed any more without reaching a larger percentage of males?

Max Braden: A cosmo in each of their hands would have closed that 10%.

Pete Kilmer: Perhaps if they talked about Prada and Jimmy Choos....maybe.

Brandon Scott: I'll call up every one of my boys and see if they went to see it...and if they did, I will promptly bag on them worse than Bernie Mac would (RIP, you went too soon). This film could have been Mamma Mia! or Sex and the City but I guess those drew more males, albeit (hopefully - for their sake) nobody that I know. I guess anything's possible, just ask Kevin Garnett. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

Daron Aldridge: The obvious and most recent comparison with a high percentage of a female audience is Sex and the City. But this sequel had appears to have no appeal even to a larger group of women over the age of 25, let alone men, and as mentioned before, there was no demand for it. In contrast, Sarah Jessica Parker's film benefited from all the momentum and hype it generated with the series. I would argue that these two films are apples and oranges.

Scott Lumley: I think I felt my testosterone levels dropping just watching the trailer for this movie. It's pretty safe to say that any males in that theater were dragged there, were paid to do so or thought the girls looked "FABULOUS!" in those pants.

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