Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

July 14, 2008

I retire from this press conference. Wait. I'm back.

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Hey, he was awesome in Scrubs.

Kim Hollis: Do you consider Brendan Fraser a box office draw?

David Mumpower: Yes..ish. He's had some disappointing films such as Blast from the Past and Bedazzled as well as some flat out disastrous ones such as Monkeybone. I do think that his presence in Journey to the Center of the Earth significantly aided its box office, however, and that is the crux of a discussion about whether someone is a draw. The Mummy franchise resuscitation in a few weeks will be less of a determination than this since it's already established.

Kim Hollis: I think I agree with David. He's a very safe choice as a lead actor in a film, as audiences seem to find him funny and generally charming. He's had a few missteps along the way, but really, there are very few actors who haven't. I suspect that without Fraser in the lead for Journey, it would have been a nothing performer.

Sean Collier: I don't think he's a draw at all. Mummies and extra dimensions of perception are draws, but not Fraser. We're jumping back in time a bit, but how about Monkeybone ($5.4 Million domestic,) Dudley Do-Right ($9.6 Million domestic against a $70 Million budget,) or Blast from the Past ($26.5 Million domestic)? The first two of those were after The Mummy hit, by the way. Fraser is a capable performer who will never hurt a film, but no more than that.

Brandon Scott: I think it's hard not to look at him as a box office draw based on the results, though I believe the green screen vehicles seem even more important than him in the lead roles. He's found his niche in adventure films and studios have his back.


Scott Lumley: In his Mummy Franchise he is a draw, but he hasn't established any other franchises and that's hurting him. He's made way too many artsy films and not enough blockbusters to be carrying a film like Journey to the Center of the Earth. Not a good casting call. Or movie.

Daron Aldridge: He's not a draw when we're using the word as a blanket statement to refer to any type of film. For adventure-type films, he appears fairly solid but really only has Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Mummy films as a track record. His other leading role films are mediocre performers at best, excluding George of the Jungle, but that was 11 years ago.

Reagen Sulewski: I think he's a little bit in danger of being typecasted as the goofy action guy who yells a lot. Which is maybe not the worst thing ever, but it's not always the most stable career. I don't think we get to "The Mummy 5: Mummies, Mummies, Mummies!", for instance.

Pete Kilmer: Reagen, don't be so sure. They signed everyone to a two picture deal for The Mummy franchise.

David Mumpower: Thereby guaranteeing Mummy IV: Mummy Dearest!

Shane Jenkins: No...wire...brain hooks...ever!!!!

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