Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

June 23, 2008

Kevin Garnett is so successful he will eat your face off.

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Would you believe $40 million?

Kim Hollis: Get Smart, the latest cinematic adaptation of an iconic TV series, earned $38.7 million this weekend. Should Warner Bros. be pleased with this result?

Pete Kilmer: I would think so. I think they saw Love Guru for what it was and struck.

Dan Krovich: I think they should be very happy. It's a good start and it should hold well through the summer as people seemed to like it. It even has franchise potential - the direct-to-DVD movie featuring the techs Bruce and Lloyd comes out July 1st.

Joel Corcoran: Definitely happy. Maybe not ecstatic, but anyone at Warner Bros. should be very pleased with this opening. Particularly when Warner Bros. last comedy hit was ... what? The Blue Collar Comedy Tour?

Eric Hughes: Warner Bros. should be pleased. The studio struck while the iron that is Steve Carell was hot - apparently even before his career with The Office took off - and earned half of the film's budget back in just three days. No, its opening weekend wasn't quite as high as Sex and the City's move to the big screen. But whereas Sex ended its HBO run just four years ago, Warner Bros. had to convince the public that the revival of a sitcom from the late '60s is worth seeing.

Shane Jenkins: Yeah, it's always satisfying to know that you've backed the right horse. Mike Myers should have been a formidable opponent, but, like Pete said, Warner sized up the situation, correctly guessed that he didn't have the goods this time, and stood behind Carell. Though I bet there was some second-guessing going on last summer after Evan Almighty turned out to be decidedly mortal.


Matthew Huntley: Yes, the studio should be pleased. Although the opening for Get Smart doesn't set any records, Warner Bros. must be breathing a sigh of relief after suffering so much embarrassment with Speed Racer. Right now, this opening is in line with expectations, and despite its reported $80 million price tag, the future looks promising as it's the only adult comedy out there for the next few weeks, so it should show reasonable legs. For a summer comedy, this is a very worthy beginning.

Jason Lee: Warner should be thanking their lucky stars. We're already in the ninth week of the summer season and their only hit so far has been in the form of Sex and the City, which is basically a lucky "adopted child" from New Line.

James D. Ruccio: Absolutely they should be thrilled. I don't think there is much awareness of the original source material (more's the pity) so this really is a good BO take. I don't think the commericials were particularly strong as well so there were other forces here at work (what they were I don't know). As mentioned before, I think there's potential for a series. I think this also points to the combined star power of the top three leads.

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