Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

Stir the Pot!, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

Smile with your teeth if you're not going to vote for Amanda.

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So we get to Tribal and Jeff's first question is to Natalie. He tells them they all should be nominated for an Academy award for their performances last Tribal. He then asks what the feeling is going into this vote after four straight blindsides. Natalie doesn't expect there to be one. He asks Amanda how confident she is with tonight's vote. She says that there's been so many blindsides that she can never be sure what's going to happen. He moves on to Parvati and asks how anyone could ever feel confident at Tribal. She says it's been the craziest game ever and that no one can be sure what's gonna happen. He asks Amanda if they've made any plans for what to do at the final three. Have they just been assuming that all they need to do is get to the final three? She says no one is expecting a final two and they're just looking to get to the three. Jeff asks Cirie the same thing and Cirie says that she'd be thrown off a bit because it would put her back at the bottom of the alliance. Amanda interrupts to ask her what she means. She explains that when it was the couple alliance and her, she was obviously the odd man out. And she says that it's obvious that among the three of them, she's obviously the odd man out again. Jeff points out Natalie's grin. She says she's hoping that something like this could be her opportunity. And now it's time to vote.

And now it's time to read the votes. First vote is for Cirie. Second vote is for Natalie. Third vote - Natalie. And the final vote is also for Natalie and she becomes the seventh member of the jury. And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. This alliance was formed way back at the beginning of the game and actually stayed together to the end. Good show, ladies.


Seeing as this is a two-hour episode and we're only 36 minutes in, I'm going to take the column a little further before cutting off for the night. So we come back from break and the girls are talking about a weird Tribal. Amanda is real quick to ask Cirie about the bottom of the alliance thing. Amanda is really pissed off about it. Bottom line, Cirie has always been the odd man out. She points out the couples thing and asks them how they would have felt if they were her. She says that she knows that they won't vote for each other and that no one has said they won't vote for her. After a few minutes of this, Amanda finally breaks down. She apologizes for yelling at her and breaks down in tears saying she's just hit her breaking point. She tells us that she started yelling at Cirie for nothing and that she's just finally wearing down after back to back seasons. Amanda says she couldn't handle it if there was a final two. Cirie tells us that she really wants to celebrate the final three, but now the concern is there's a final two and she doesn't want to get too excited if there's still game to play.

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