Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

May 7, 2008

Roman Polanski got in a lot of trouble for something similar.

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Note: No Uwe Boll Films Qualify

Kim Hollis: Given the rare combination of critical and financial success for Iron Man, it is in rarefied air in terms of overall reception. What film do you believe was the last to match Iron Man with regards to being a people-pleasing mega-blockbuster?

Joel Corcoran: There are quite a few animated films that were met with both great reviews and great box office success. Just look at Toy Story (and Toy Story 2), Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, or Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. But in terms of live action, special effects laden, mega-blockbusters, I think the only recent releases that could match Iron Man are the Lord of the Rings films.

Kim Hollis: I'd say it feels a lot like Spider-Man in that regard. Both have been extremely well received critically and audiences love them, too.

David Mumpower: I would argue that the only five films over the past several years who have received this lofty a combination of critical praise as well as sublime box office results are The Bourne Ultimatum ($227.4 million), Spider-Man 2 ($373.4 million), Finding Nemo ($339.7 million), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($377.0 million) and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ($305.4 million). This is rarefied air.


There Was Nothing Honorable about This Movie

Kim Hollis: Believe it or not, there were other releases this weekend, not that most people noticed. Made of Honor, Patrick Dempsey's attempt to be the next George Clooney, earned an estimated $15.5 million this weekend. What are we to take from this result?

Tim Briody: McDreamy is a bit of a bigger draw than we thought. As I mentioned in my write-up, whenever Dempsey plays another romantic lead, we'll all completely forget how much this opened to and eventually made.

Pete Kilmer: Hollywood needs a new Cary Grant.

Joel Corcoran: I can just imagine what Dempsey's agent was telling him when they discussed this movie months ago: "Patrick, Patrick, Patrick - my boy! Look, you're playing a doctor on television's highest rated hospital drama, you got great teeth, and just look at your dimples! C'mon! If Clooney can make it work, so can you!"

Kim Hollis: He's probably better served as second banana-type material (see: Enchanted and Sweet Home Alabama). Revel in the television success, and supplement it with good supporting roles.

Reagen Sulewski: He's kind of the male Sandra Bullock at this point. He's never going to be a giant star (do you hear me, US Weekly? Do you? Never!) but I can certainly see him establishing a small but loyal following.

David Mumpower: If we absolutely must use the Clooney comparison, this would be his One Fine Day. That charming 1996 release starring Clooney earned $46.1 million domestically. Made of Honor appears to be in that range if we don't adjust the earlier title for inflation. Alternately, we can call a spade a spade and be honest about the fact that this project is intended to be My Best Female Friend's Wedding. Given that the Julia Roberts/Cameron Diaz comedy opened to $21.7 million back in June of 1997, it's obvious that Patrick Dempsey is no Julia Roberts? Or should that be Dermot Mulroney?

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