Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

I'm In Such A Hot Pickle!

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 15, 2008

You missed your chance to eat bat!

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The tribes make their way to the meeting place and Airai gets a first look at the new Malakal, Ami voted out at the last Tribal Council. As everyone hugs and talks and enjoys seeing everyone again, Eliza realizes she is just screwed. She lost Ami and is now has to rely on Jason and his hidden idol. The tribes are officially merged. They must pick a name, design a flag and pick a beach to live on. They decide to live at Malakal Beach, of course. As they sit down to the traditional merge feast and in a big bowl in the middle of the table is a bunch of cooked bats. Naturally, James digs in. He says it was like a juicy rabbit. Erik suggests the name Dabu for the tribe. He tells them it's Micronesian for "good." He then tells us that he has no idea what it means, if it means anything. He just made it up because he wanted to make the new name something funny.

As talk turns to the game, Alexis tells us that the game is changing now and that who you get along with becomes even more important. To display this, in the next scene, we see Alexis in Amanda's spot on Ozzy's arm at nighttime. She tells him that she can't believe Erik is still there. Ozzy tells her that he's ready to go beyond Fans Vs Favorites. And the flirting commences. As he tells her how good she smells, Amanda is fuming. "I want her gone." And for the record, regardless of her gawd-awful final Tribal Council performance in China, for that entire season, when Amanda wanted someone gone, that person wasn't long for the game. So Alexis better try to get in with Ozzy quick, because the clock is ticking.


We come back from break as the Dabu tribe reaches the Malakal beach. The Fans that hadn't been there yet are just in awe of how great the area is. While they relax, Jason does his best to bond with Ozzy. Ozzy thinks he is very much a fan of his and wants to show how much better than he is. He also thinks Jason is walking around with the fake idol. Right off the bat, Jason sets out to find a safe hiding place for his idol. He finds a spot and heads back to camp. Next we see Parvati and Eliza talking about the Ami vote. Eliza takes this time to see if the Favorite alliance is going to stick together. Parvati basically tells her that it's not. Eliza knows she's in trouble. All she has is Jason. "This is just a disaster." Parvati tells us that it's not Fans vs. Favs anymore. We then join Parvati and Amanda catching up. Parvati decides it's a good time to tell Amanda about their new alliance. Amanda's smile fades lightning fast. As Parvati tries to spin this in a good way, it's quite obvious that Amanda is not happy. "Parvati pretty much screwed me over. Cause I don't wanna be in an alliance with Natalie and Alexis." Parvati tries to make a joke about it, but Amanda is not laughing. She tells us that she doesn't know if she can trust Parvati. Oh yeah, things could be getting interesting.

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