The Amazing Race 12 Episode 11

The Final Push

By Reagen Sulewski

January 28, 2008

We like them. We really like them.

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TK & Rachel's cab driver was a bit lost, though they're still within sight of Nicolas & Donald. However, Nicolas & Donald are forced to realize their initial mistake, saving them a huge waste of time, by the fact that they needed gloves from their supply bag, and are forced to head back to the store. Donald decides to blame it all on Nicolas, like the good teammate he is. I suppose it would be uncouth for Nicolas to point out that Donald would still be back in Africa somewhere if it wasn't for him, but that's what I'm here for.

TK & Rachel start with the crab Detour about the same time as Nicolas & Donald pick up their supplies, but are just about ready to give up because of the pinching when TK stumbles on a marked crab. Donald finds the clue in the second fish he gutted, so they're not too far behind after all.

Ronald & Christina get dropped off at a speed boat dock, where they're zipped down the river to their next destination. Although TK has a moment of doubt when his cab driver seems lost again, they do get there in second place. Nic & Donald are close behind, and it turns into an episode of Miami Vice for a bit as the boats race down the river.

The next clue is at the top of an ice face at the glacier, which both teammates will have to climb. Ron is now afraid of heights (is there a single task he hasn't whined about on the entire race?) though he does eventually get going. Ron gets up without too much trouble, but Christina actually has a tone of trouble, and can't get over the first lip of the glacier. Eventually she twigs on the complicated strategy of lifting her legs and they maintain their lead, although not as much of one.


The clue waiting for them tells them to take a helicopter to Merrill Field, where they'll take a taxi to a nearby park. As thrilling for the contestants, and as scenery-porn for the show as it is, I'm not a huge fan of these parts where there is no chance for teams to gain or lose time.

TK climbs the glacier without much trouble, but Rachel has some struggles of her own. They eventually get going in second place, with just Nicolas & Donald to go. Donald plays the role of "girl" for his team this time, with the 69-year-old man kicking his butt up the ice face.

Ron & Christina get to the park, which holds the final Roadblock, and it is by far the most evil one the show has ever come up with. Fifteen items related to the legs of the race are waiting for them, and they'll have to place ten of them on a stage, meeting a complicated list of requirements. They're allowed one from each leg, three must be animal or animal by-products, one is a U-Turn, two are objects at or brought to a Pit Stop, two are objects of transportation, and one is transportation in the form of a stick. The clue box is automated for when the proper items are on the stage. Notably, the teams are hidden from each other, so there's no cheating.

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