The Amazing Race 12 Episode 8

Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something

By Reagen Sulewski

January 10, 2008

Wonder twin powers, activate!

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Nicolas & Donald have better luck with their rickshaw driver, getting to the tailor first, which holds the Detour clue. We also see that the Speed Bump is waiting there for Kynt & Vyxsin, so at least they're getting it over with quickly.

The Detour is a choice between posting an six-piece poster on a wall for a Bollywood film, or, in the usual arts-and-crafts offering, creating a flowered garland for a wedding party.

Nicolas & Donald choose the poster task, with Donald claiming yet again to have relevant experience to the task, apparently having worked in the printing business. This is pretty flimsy, a bit like saying that being a lumberjack would help you be a carpenter. In any case, it's probably the right choice for them, as I doubt they could do anything with a needle and thread. Ronald & Christina follow them closely behind to the bridge where the posters will be put up.

TK & Rachel are third to the Detour, with Kynt & Vyxsin somewhat lost on their way to it – a really bad time to be so. Rachel has worked in a flower shop for four years (note to Donald: this is actual relevant experience!) so she convinces TK that the garland task is the one for them.


Kynt & Vyxsin finally reach the Detour, after shedding all their early advantage, and also discover that the Speed Bump is waiting for them there. They're forced to travel a short distance away to take part in a yoga class before they can return to the race. These two take this in stride, with the idea that some relaxation would be great at this point. You know what else is relaxing? Being in first place. All is not lost for them, as Nathan & Jennifer have just found the clue in the newspaper, putting them well back of the pack.

Ronald & Christina reach the bridge first, but "Bad" Ron comes out to play, as for some reason they start their poster far too high on the wall, and Ron accuses Christina of being stingy with the paste. When she offers him a box to stand on and it breaks, Ron just snaps and starts chewing out Christina, for about the ninth time. Honestly, he should try the yoga, except he'd just yell at the instructor that he was doing it wrong.

TK & Rachel develop a system for the garland that works really well for them, with TK laying out the flowers in order for Rachel, who's pretty handy with the needle. I'd say something snarky here, except they just work too well together.

Nathan & Jennifer and Kynt & Vyxsin both head to the flower shop, making it all five teams finally in the Detour, though TK & Rachel are just about to finish up as Nathan & Jennifer get there. That team and Nicolas & Donald are the calmest in their tasks, and consequently are able to take big leads over the teams that are fah-reaking out. Coincidence? Has to be. They're sent to a nearby traffic island for the next clue, which contains the second of the U-Turns of the race.

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