The Amazing Race 12 Episode 7

This is Forever, Now

By Reagen Sulewski

January 10, 2008

That's right. It's a non-elimination leg.

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Ronald & Christina are third in, also passing up the Fast Forward, with Nicolas & Donald arriving while Christina is waiting to go up in her plane. Somehow, the "sit-around" strategy topped at least one team's navigational abilities, which says something really quite sad for Kynt & Vyxsin. Nicolas & Donald decide to head for the Fast Forward, and the other shoe drops about why Jennifer wanted to go for it so badly – they still haven't won a leg, and she's throwing a bit of a pity party for herself on that. Hey, if you didn't keep screwing up, you could earn that first place.

"Bad" Ronald shows up for a moment when Ronald & Christina star searching for their number to take to get in line for the planes, and when Christina momentarily thinks about going for the Fast Forward. He starts berating her about wasting time (what time? You're looking for a number to wait in line), which catches the attention of both Rachel and Jennifer, so perhaps we can expect a girl power moment sometime soon.

Vyxsin is in full freakout mode after 30 hours without sleep and being lost, and finally pulls over to let Kynt have a try at finding their way to the airfield. This is a case where they could really use that Fast Forward – they'd better hope Nicolas & Donald spit the bit.

Nathan is the first to spot the clue from the air, and after returning, they start on their way to Vinci, where naturally, they're headed to the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci (what, you thought it was his last name? Bad Dan Brown reader, bad!). TK returns empty handed, luckily with no other team there waiting to take his spot, so he gets to go back up again after a brief refueling.


Nicolas & Donald reach the tattoo parlor and find out just what it is they're being asked to do for the Fast Forward. Donald has a tough time initially with it, and it looks for a minute like he's been asked to defile a grave, but eventually he steels himself and gives in. It was this or maybe be eliminated, so there you go.

Back at the Roadblock, Christina spots the clue while TK bangs his head in frustration at not getting it, though really – gritting your teeth and closing your eyes during a task where you're looking for something? Probably not the best idea.

The tattoos that Nicolas & Donald have had put on are actually not that bad, just two small gothic (oh, Kynt & Vyxsin, you missed out!) letters on their arms, but the permanence of it is still a bit rankling. They now get to go directly to the Pit Stop, the Boboli Gardens in Florence, just a little bit back the way they came.

Nathan & Jennifer have opened up a bit of a lead on the rest of the teams in Vinci, although they goof a bit by stopping their car too soon and having to go for a bit of a run. When they get to the Leonardo birthplace, they find the Detour, which asks them to choose between assembling crane of his design, to lift a block, or to learn a renaissance era flag routine.

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