The Amazing Race 12 Episode 4

Let's Name Our Chicken Phil

By Reagen Sulewski

November 28, 2007

She managed to not cry for this photo.

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Lorena & Jason are performing their dance for the judges, making the connection that surprisingly hadn't occurred to me - that it's somewhat akin to American Idol. I'm assuming they're meaning the early, freak show episodes. They're let go, but have a rude awakening ahead of them at the U-Turn. For their part, I'm generally impressed, as they're annoyed (of course), but simply vow to pass Shana & Jennifer later in the leg.

The Roadblock proves pretty chaotic, as the teams draw a lot of attention while winding their way among the market streets. Azaria does well to find his merchant first, unloading his goods and getting the final clue of the leg, sending them to the Hotel de Ville in Ouagadougou.

Third through seventh is a huge log jam at the Roadblock, with Lorena & Jason are finally on their way to meet the rest of the pack. Realistically, though, it will take a complete meltdown by another team for them to catch up.

The race to the Pit stop between Azaria & Hendekea and Nathan & Jennifer is about as close as is physically possible – Azaria nearly blows it by taking a circuitous route, but he beats Nathan to the mat by a split second. They earn motorscooters as their prize for this leg, which apparently Jennifer really wanted, as she complains that this is their third first place finish, and that they should share the wealth. Holy sense of entitlement, Batman! Hendekea shows some class by pointing out that letting them win the leg would hardly be sporting, and would be a little condescending. It's just a frigging scooter.


Nicolas, Christina and Vyxsin get through the Roadblock in decent time for their teams, and they head out to the Pit Stop. Vyxsin seems to have gained the most perspective about their current location and the people there, seeing beyond the "Africa-land" that the majority of racers tend to perceive, and noticing the lives of the people around her.

Shana and Rachel are both struggling a little with their Roadblocks (that's a pretty big bike for these small girls to balance), although I'm still not buying that Lorena & Jason have a chance to get back in this.

Ronald & Christina motor in for a surprising third place finish (see how fast you run with your mouth shut, Ron?), with Nicolas & Donald just behind in fourth. Kynt & Vyxsin had a bit of a rough leg, but still manage fifth spot.

Although Rachel completes her Roadblock a little ahead of Shana, she immediately gets lost in the market, letting Shana & Jennifer get out ahead of them. They're able to capture sixth spot at the Pit Stop, with Rachel eventually finding her way back to TK, and sealing Lorena & Jason's fate. TK & Rachel really need to work on their navigation skills, which is a pretty basic race skill.

Lorena & Jason take their elimination well in stride, and it's probably easier since nothing they did in this leg was so terrible, as much as their poor performance in the last leg left them too far behind to catch up. Really they were Dead Team Walking all day, but that's what happens with one bad leg.

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