Survivor: China

That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

By Jim Van Nest

November 1, 2007

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We see JR's vote for Sherea saying that it's unfortunate that they didn't get to know each other better. We see Sherea's vote for JR saying something about thinking he's hot and she's there to say he's not. Bottom line, Sherea lost me tonight. She's just a bitter, ugly person as far as this show is concerned and I hope Fei Long does the right thing and sends her complaining, lazy ass home. I don't like JR either, but tonight, he came off looking pretty good while Sherea and Courtney came off like the cheerleaders who got spurned by the quarterback. Nothing but venom coming from the two of them with no real substance to most of what they said. And Jeff reads the votes; the first two are for Jean-Robert and the final five make Sherea the tenth person voted out of Survivor: China. WOO HOO!!!

Next time on Survivor: James goes after the second immunity idol, but it's Erik and Jamie that make a discovery (and it looks like they discovered it by going through James' stuff...which sets me up for a major rant if/when that happens). Todd has it out with Courtney to try to hold his alliance together. We see Jean-Robert tell Todd that if he gets screwed, he's holding Todd responsible. And then the magic words from Probst "Drop your buffs." Merge time, baybee! The decent thing about my taking so long to recap is that you won't have to wait long for the next episode. So how 'bout that? So, until later tonight, take care!

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