Survivor: China

A Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter

By Jim Van Nest

September 25, 2007

See, he's named Chicken. Because he's a chicken farmer.

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As the tribe votes, we see three votes. Ashley votes for PG saying that she feels Dave is the leader and there's not room for two. Chicken votes for Ashley saying that it's just bad luck at the wrong time in the wrong place. PG votes for Chicken saying that he's been too afraid to step up and make a decision and that they don't need that right now. And here it is, Jeff's gonna go tally the votes. First vote is for Chicken. Then Ashley for two. Then we get the PG vote followed by another Chicken vote. Sixth vote is for Chicken. And the first person voted out of Survivor: China is Chicken. The best part of having to go to Tribal is that Jeff tosses them a flint on the way out. While some may say this was a dumb vote, I have to disagree. While I would have voted PG, I don't think you could go wrong voting for either of her or Chicken. You can't dump Ashley. She's got too much potential in challenges. There's always a couple of one on one challenges or more physical challenges, and as strong as she is in her real life, you have to take the chance that she'll get well and potentially help out in some of those challenges. I mean what woman on the Fei Long tribe will be able to compete with Ashley? That alone is enough for me to give her three more days. Now, if after those three days, she's still useless, Ashley gets the boot next time around. As for Chicken, he may have the experience, but if he's decided that he'd rather watch the tribe sink than give an opinion, then he's no use to anyone. Only time will tell if they made the right decision, but I think they did.


Next time on Survivor: at Fei Long, JR is getting crap for not doing anything. At Zhan Hu, Ashley seems to have rubbed Dave the wrong way and he's decided that if she wants a fight, he'll give it to her. And looks like we have one of those physical challenges as the rassler in Ashley comes out. They show her just slamming Leslie into a big pool of muddy water. It'll be quite interesting to see if she helps her team win and manages to hang around for a bit. I guess we'll see next Thursday. Until then, take care.

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