Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

July 10, 2007

Hey, Barry Bonds! Hit it here! Oh, wait.

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At least Pam doesn't have to worry about Jim leaving Scranton anytime soon

Kim Hollis: License to Wed earned $17.8 million since Tuesday including $10.4 million over the weekend. Should Warner Bros. be pleased with this result?

Reagen Sulewski: They did well to break out of the single digits on the weekend. Things weren't looking very good for it before that. This sort of puts it in line with the "average" Robin Williams comedy these days, the sort of thing that becomes a consensus pick when it's time to rent a movie for the family. I got a little bit depressed writing that sentence.

Joel Corcoran: Pleased? Maybe. Perhaps in that sense of "Gosh, that could've been a whole lot worse, huh?" I can't believe that Robin Williams comedies have become the Unitarian Universalist option for the movie-going public: an experience without the slightest possibility of insulting, offending, annoying, or even provoking anyone in the audience.

Tim Briody: John Krasinski deserves better. Jury's still out on Mandy Moore for me.

Michael Bentley: I don't think I would say "pleased", but certainly not "suicidal" or anything like that. That said, if this has anything like RV-legs than I would imagine that WB will be fairly pleased.

David Mumpower: I recognize that the movie only cost $40 million to make, but even allowing for this, $17.8 million comprises over half of what it will earn during its domestic run. I just can't see that as a positive, particularly given a talented cast. They had John Krasinki and Mandy Moore on-board then they turned around and didn't trust them enough to make a movie around them, instead settling for wacky Robin Williams hijinks. People have seen that plenty enough. They were ready for something new, but Warner Bros. was unwilling to give that to them. What a shame.

Kim Hollis: At $17 million or so, License to Wed has already outperformed my low expectations. I can't wait to see how Robin Williams' buddy movie with John Travolta does. (Yes, he really has a buddy movie with John Travolta. Perhaps they can reminisce about how fun it was to dress in drag.)


David Mumpower: Robin Williams got cast in Wild Hogs 2?

Jim Van Nest: After the stunning success of RV and the insanity of Wild Hogs, I'd bet they're pretty messed up over this opening. With those two flicks, you could almost look at it as a potential trend that Licensed to Wed hoped to piggyback on. I'd say that they should have made a better film, but I can't imagine it's too much worse than RV.

I'd bet this one stings quite a bit. But if the above is true, the Travolta/Williams flick will be GOLD, BAYBEE!!!!

Max Braden: I think the only reason to be pleased that their summer comedy made $10 million over the weekend is that the paint-by-numbers trailer managed to pull in that many paying attendees. I haven't seen the movie but I'm guessing that when they saw the finished print they were probably hoping to coast over this release on the legs of Ocean's Thirteen while waiting for the Harry Potter dollars to roll in.

Ratatouille brings home the bacon

Kim Hollis: Last weekend, we were all worried about the performance of Ratatouille. Now that it's at $109.5 million after ten days, within $12 million of the performances of Monsters, Inc. and Cars, do you feel better about its chances?

Reagen Sulewski: I would have liked to have seen a couple million more on the weekend to feel really good about it, but it probably lost those two or three million to the kiddie (and kiddie at heart) audience of Transformers. I think we're still looking at close to $200 million here, though, which is still excellent. I think we all just got a bit spoiled by Finding Nemo's ridiculous success, which is looking more and more to be their "Lion King".

Michael Bentley: I'm not sure I like the The Lion King comparison because that would suggest that Pixar is on the decline (a la Disney's alarming fall from grace in the 1990s). But, I do agree with you, Reagen, that I would have preferred to see it somewhere north of $30 million this weekend. It's certainly a disappointment relative to what it should be making. Though $200 million is nothing to sneeze at, and of course you can probably double that when you factor in DVD sales (not to mention foreign revenue).

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