Survivor: Fiji

You've Got A Puzzled Look, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

May 16, 2007

And then my knee popped like *that*!

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Part 1 of the mega-huge Survivor: Fiji Season Finale. Before the night ends, all of our questions will be answered and someone will be awarded $1 million. Previously on Survivor, Yau Man saved his butt by playing the hidden immunity idol and instead sent Stacy packing to Loser's Lodge. Amazingly enough, the playing of an idol was not even close to the most important event from the last show. At the Reward Challenge, Yau Man won a truck and immediately brokered a deal with Dreamz. Yau would give Dreamz the truck in exchange for immunity at the final four, meaning that if both of them are alive at the final four and Dreamz happens to win immunity, he will have to hand it over to Yau. Dreamz makes the promise and began enjoying his new truck. So, tonight's episode is almost as much about "Will Dreamz hand over immunity?" as it is about who will take home the million. As soon as Jeff is finished recapping the entire season, we'll find out the answer to both questions.

We begin at camp after Tribal Council. Yau is feeling pretty bad about almost being voted off. And he's feeling a sense of vulnerability for the first time in a long time. Earl and Yau are talking and Yau mentions that he might need Earl's immunity idol at the next Tribal. You could almost see the look of "Yeah, right" on Earl's face.

The next day, Yau is still talking about what a big target he is, due to his truck deal with Dreamz. He tells us that winning immunity is huge for him this time. We cut to Earl and Cassandra talking. Earl is feeling left out of the Yau vote the night before. He basically says he was fine with the decision to dump Yau, but he would have liked to know about it. Cassandra tells us that she doesn't see Yau or Earl voting against each other, so she needs to stick with Dreamz and Boo. She asks Earl about the second idol and Earl does his best to dance around the question, but he does tell her enough for her to figure that Yau doesn't have it. So, in her eyes, if Yau doesn't win immunity, they should be good.


Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge is a huge five-part maze. Each person will be blindfolded and wearing a unique medallion. They need to navigate the maze searching for a key station. Once they find the station, they need to feel for their medallion shape and once they find it, they'll get a key. They need to get back into the maze and find a raised plank. The key will unlock the plank and they can walk across into the next part of the maze. Again, this is a five-part maze, the first person to navigate all five mazes, get all five keys and cross all five planks will win immunity and a one in four chance at a million dollars. Survivors ready?

This challenge is a lot of fun to watch, but pretty boring to recap. Right off the bat, Cassandra and Earl fall far enough behind to not be factors for the remainder of the challenge. Yau Man and Boo are leading the way with Dreamz right behind. Boo and Dreamz get their third keys as Yau unlocks his third plank. It's still anybody's game. (Well, except Earl and Cassandra.) In the fourth station, Dreamz starts to pull away from Boo and gain on Yau Man. Boo and Dreamz are in the final stage as Yau Man finds the key station. It's looking worse and worse for the Cassandra/Boo/Dreamz alliance. Finally, Yau finds his drawbridge, unlocks it and crosses over into the final four. With Yau and Earl immune at Tribal tonight, it looks like it's time to say goodbye to either Boo or Dreamz.

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