Survivor: Fiji

A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket

By Jim Van Nest

May 4, 2007

You're kind of a jerk but at least you know how to play the game.

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Earl catches up with Cassandra and he tries to convince her that they need to stick with him. Earl tells her he thinks Dreamz is just playing along. He says he was winking at him the whole time to let him know he was playing. Flip to Dreamz and Alex. "Earl's not with the plan. The whole time he was winking and laughing and stuff." He tells Alex it's Yau Man tonight and Alex will live to fight another day. Cassandra is really on the fence about what to do and probably won't decide until she gets there. Can I interject right here how impressed I am with Dreamz? This is a huge strategic play and if it works, it'll go down as one of the best moves ever. And frankly, I'm tired of Yau Man and "his" idol. I'm tired of hearing how he's safe all the time. Nothing would make me happier than to see Gollum sent home with his unplayed "precious" in his pocket.

We get to Tribal Council and Jeff starts off with Alex. Alex says that he plans on playing til the end. He says that things are gonna break down whether or not he's still there or not. Jeff asks Yau if he is afraid of Alex tonight. And as expected, he feels totally comfortable with his alliance. Alex avoids a question about a crack in the alliance. Yau then tells us that he will be paying close attention after tonight as to where he'll play the immunity idol. Jeff asks Alex if he's surprised that the alliance is so secure. He says definitely and it's time for the alliance to start looking ahead in the game. Last question is a Yes or No answer for everyone. Concerned tonight? Alex - yes. Cassandra - no. Dreamz - no. Stacy - no. Yau Man - no. Earl - no. And now it's time to vote.


We see Alex's vote for Yau Man and Yau Man's vote for Alex. While I'm so hoping for Alex, I'm getting the feeling that he's toast. But, Jeff's tallying the votes, so let's check it out. And Yau refuses to play the idol. Please fry him! First vote, Alex. Then Yau Man. Alex. Alex. Twelfth person voted out, Alex. For crying out loud...this is why they need to stop pulling people out of shopping malls to play this game. Get some people who know how to play. This is one of the most retarded votes I've ever seen. You have to flip on Yau. You knock him out AND get rid of the hidden idol in the process. And the fact that Dreamz voted Alex, I take back the nice things I said about him earlier. David and Kim are right, he is an idiot. One of the biggest to ever play the game. There are not enough words for how much this vote pisses me off. No words for how stupid I think these people are and frankly, they deserve for Yau Man to take the money now. I'm pretty sure this group couldn't outwit a melting ice cube.

Next time on Survivor: Talk is about getting rid of Yau Man and during a challenge, Yau tries to make a deal. And you know what, with Alex out of the picture, I really don't even care. And I'd like to mention something my wife said to me during the show. She said, "Ya know, Boo is really getting a winner's edit." And in thinking about it, I think she's right. With only two episodes left the one thing I can say is, "I'm glad it's almost over." Until next week, take care.

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