Survivor: Fiji

So You Think You Can Dance

By Jim Van Nest

April 10, 2007

Lisi shows everyone how much she blows.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Fiji. Last week on Survivor, the show finally developed a pulse. Yau Man found a hidden idol, and then hid a fake idol. Lisi returned to Ravu and they finally won a challenge. They got to gorge themselves on hot dogs and beer. This may have weighed them down, because they came back and lost immunity. To continue the hot streak of the rest of the episode, Rocky was KO'd, making him the first member of the jury. Will the hot streak continue, or will this week prove to be a letdown from the sweet episode of last week? Let's find out!

We begin, as we often do, at Ravu. Alex tells us that he and Edgardo are part of two alliances within their tribe right now - one with Lisi and the other with Mookie and Dreamz. We flip to Edgardo telling Mookie about the idol and its possible location. So naturally, the three of them get digging while Dreamz and Lisi sleep. And whaddaya know? They actually found it. I mean literally two feet away from their sleeping tribemates. And ladies and gentlemen...we have ourselves a game now. Cue the opening theme...

We come back to Ravu and join the guys as they unwrap the idol. They make the same agreement that Yau and Earl have. They also agree to not tell Dreamz or Lisi. Edgardo says it's because Lisi is unstable and because Dreamz may tell Cassandra when the tribes merge. Mookie, who's holding the idol, tells us that while they're sharing the idol, it's only in one pocket. They go back to camp and Mookie begins to pack the dirt a bit on the hole. As he does this, Lisi wakes up and sees him. She asks if he's digging for the idol and says that he's digging right where she thinks it might be. She then tells us that she caught him flipping leaves and stuff and that he had no choice but to admit he was looking for it. She says, "Dude, you're gonna have to wake up really really early to fool an old cat like me." Um, yeah keep thinking that. Of course, Lisi is still digging for the idol, and Mookie actually starts to help her dig. Hilarious.

We get our first glimpse of Moto as Boo and Michelle go for tree mail, but find a group of natives who will teach them traditional Fijian dance. They will have a two hour session to prepare for a reward dance-off. Yau Man volunteers to be the person to sit out. Earl's got it going on. Meanwhile, Boo's not even close. Earl may be enough for the win though.

At Ravu, their lesson seems to be going okay. Lisi tells us that she doesn't take the challenges all that seriously. Um, excuse me? The challenges are what the game's all about? If you don't take them seriously, what exactly DO you take seriously? Can I call a woman a "tool?" If so, Lisi is definitely a tool. Dreamz tells us that if they lose another challenge, she'll be the one voted off.

We come back from the CBS promo-athon for the first ever Survivor dance off. Probst sighting!! Both tribes enter all painted and costumed up. Jeff tells the tribes that they will be judged on appearance, authenticity and spirit by three Fijian judges. They will determine the winner. The reward will be a Fijian feast - a huge spread of food, some great Fijian song and they'll send someone to Exile Island.

Moto, sans Yau Man, leads off. Earl takes center stage on this one, and he's seriously got it going on. Of course, my DVR has decided to make it look like they're dancing in a strobe light, so that's quite annoying. From what I could tell, the whole tribe did a nice job and Moto should be tough to beat. Ravu's up next and from what I can see, they're pretty much a mess. Not a bit of rhythm in any of them. And honestly, the judges look obviously annoyed with the performance. The judges say that both tribes have good appearance and spirit. Looks like the actual dancing will be the deciding factor. He says Moto was good and their leader was very good. He says that Ravu was off with the music and not very organized. Moto wins reward and sends Lisi back to Exile, so no one else gets any clues for the idol.

And we lead right into the feast and singing. And this is the one reward they have every season that I think would be the coolest to win. Forget the feast. Getting to be part of the culture and seeing what life is like for the natives of these tropical paradises is a once in a lifetime memory that even a million dollars couldn't buy. Earl tells us that through this celebration, the group may have united into one solid group.

Out on Exile, Lisi's stuck in the rain. And I say good. Maybe had you taken this seriously, you wouldn't be out there right now. Cry me a river, Lisi, but you got what you frickin' deserve. And to talk about quitting, *really* got what you deserve.

We join Moto and Earl and Michelle are off talking about what's going on in the tribe. Earl seems to think Boo will join them, but Cassandra has warned him about Boo. They feel like Stacy will flip easier and she is the target should they have to dump someone. Michelle says that she and Stacy are like copies of each other and there's not enough room for both of them.

Over at Ravu, talk of a merge is brewing. Dreamz is feeling confident that the merge is coming. And he likes that because he has Cassandra on his side. And he actually tells everyone this. Of course, Edgardo sees this as a potential flip when the tribes merge. Dreamz may have just snuffed his own torch. Tree mail arrives and suggests an archery challenge. Edgardo says he's pretty good at archery and this might be his time to shine.


Probst sighting! Today's challenge will test their skill with three different weapons. First round is blow darts, second round is spears and the third round will be a bow and arrow. Team with the most points will win the competition. Cassandra will sit out for Moto.

Lisi is first up with the blow darts and isn't bad, but Stacy outdoes her. Mookie beats Stacy and holds the lead until Dreamz out shoots him. Yau Man steps up and takes the lead, but only for a second as Alex takes it back. Boo then hits the bull's-eye leaving Edgardo as the last shot for Ravu. He doesn't beat Boo and Moto wins the first point.

The next round is worth two points. Lisi, Stacy, Mookie and Michelle all miss the target. Dreams hits on the very edge. Boo and Edgardo both miss. Yau Man takes a running start and hits damn near the bull's-eye for the lead for Moto. Alex is the last hope for Ravu. Alex misses the target as well and Moto wins the two points for a 3-0 lead.

The final round is worth three points and is the bow and arrow. Lisi, Stacy and Mookie miss again. Michelle hits, but on the very edge. Dreamz beats her out and Boo misses the target. Alex also misses, which brings up Yau Man. Yau gets down on one knee and once again takes the lead for Moto. Edgardo, the self professed archery expert is the last hope for Ravu. Ed misses the target and Moto wins all three rounds and immunity with Earl not having to shoot in any round. Amazing.

And now it's time to play, "It's anyone but Lisi." Ravu is trying to figure out how they can be so bad. Lisi tells us she's done with the losers. Has anyone mentioned to her that she didn't hit the target in two of three rounds? She goes to Alex to tell him how she's done and that this tribe won't win any more challenges and she's tired of going to Exile Island. The fact that she wants to quit makes Alex kinda mad because he was hoping to use her vote down the road. She tells us that sometimes you have to know when it's time to go. Basically, she has 1,001 excuses for being a quitter. I didn't think I had any use for her before...I really have no use for her now. Get off my television; you're a waste of my time. Dreamz is so excited that she's going home he can't contain himself. As Dreamz tells us that he's not taking any bags to Tribal because he ain't going no where, Lisi comes to Alex and Ed and asks them what happens if she decides to stay. Lisi then tells us how tight the three of them are (yeah, right.) She then tells them that they need to get rid of Dreamz because he'll flip with Cassandra. She pulls this crap ten minutes before Tribal. Did I mention that she's a tool? Someone please get her the hell off my TV right now. If I'm not able to stop saying her name next week, I'm gonna be pissed.

We get to Tribal and Jeff asks Lisi what's missing on this tribe. She says they're not coming together as a group. Jeff asks Dreamz how he's basing his vote and he says Lisi wants to go home and she's not working hard in challenges. And she goes at him saying she's seen him give up in the middle of challenges. Dreamz says she wants to go home and he's a genie in a bottle, he grants wishes. Dreamz says his spirit has not gone down, her spirit has gone down. Dreamz then asks her is she wants to be here. She can't give an answer. He asks everyone else and they all say, "Yeah." Lisi never does actually give an answer. But she asks them to give her a chance. Um...why? Why should they give you a chance? What have you done to earn that chance? It's time to vote.

We see Dreamz vote for Lisi with a huge smile on his face. We see Lisi vote for Dreamz and insult his nickname. Um, okay. Let's tally the votes. First vote is for Lisi. Second for Dreamz. And with two more votes, Lisi becomes the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Fiji. The Survivor Gods have smiled on us all. First Rocky, now Lisi. WOO HOO!!!

Next time on Survivor, Tree Mail asks them to paddle to Exile Island and a shocking twist reveals itself. Michelle suggests they might die. The one thing of note...they're all wearing purple buffs, so we can expect a merge when the tribes get to Exile. The only question is, will they go to Moto Beach or Ravu beach? I vote for Ravu. Until next week, take care!



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