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The Big Picture:
Jean Reno

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Transitioned from a traveling theatre company to film acting in 1979 with "Claire de Femme"
  • Gained notoriety in American cinema with his well-versed acting and tough guy appeal
  • Decided to star in "Godzilla" instead of taking the role of Agent Smith in "The Matrix"
  • Asked to be removed from the credits and his contractual obligation to a sequel after watching a screening of
Jean Reno

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Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
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Couples Retreat 10/9/09 108.17 Info
The Pink Panther 2 2/6/09 N/A
Flyboys 9/22/06 PG-13 2033 6.00 12.59 Info
The Da Vinci Code 5/19/06 PG-13 3735 77.07 217.54 Info
The Pink Panther 2/10/06 PG 3477 20.22 81.69 Info
Jet Lag 6/13/03 R 2 0.02 0.54 Info
Femme Fatale 11/6/02 1066 2.78 6.59 Info
Rollerball 2/8/02 R 2762 9.01 18.99 Info


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