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Zach Braff

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Graduated from Northwestern University film school
  • Dated former Friends co-star Bonnie Somerville, whom he asked to provide a song for the Garden State soundtrack
  • Dumped by Mandy Moore for what she claimed was his complete inability to be faithful
  • Classmate and childhood friend of Grammy winning musician Lauryn Hill
  • Was BOP's dark horse choice to play Superman, thereby proving the Scrubs theme song wrong; couldn't have been any worse than What's His Name
Zach Braff

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
The Ex 5/11/07 PG-13 1009 1.39 3.02 Info
The Last Kiss 9/15/06 R 15 0.10 1.03 Info
The Last Kiss 9/15/06 R 1357 4.63 11.21 Info
Chicken Little 11/4/05 G 3654 40.05 135.36 Info
Garden State 7/28/04 R 9 0.20 26.78 Info



Garden State

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