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2018 Movies I've Seen, Ranked
1. Game Night
    McAdams unknowingly twirling a real gun is one of my favorite scenes of the year.
2. BlacKKKlansman
    Excellent acting, a great touch of humor, solid political jabs, a tense story, and a powerful closing. Definitely award worthy.
3. Isle of Dogs
    Wes Anderson's style can be too much at times, but I loved the deadpan humor and editing.
4. Mission: Impossible - Fallout
    Fantastic action sequences, including the bathroom brawl and helicopter chase. Hunt's relationships are interesting as well.
5. Deadpool 2
    Great combination of humor and drama, but it still feels disconnected from the rest of the universe.
6. Gringo
    Two scenes - rating Beatles albums, and discussing religion - are among my favorites of the year. The cast is great across the board.
7. Free Solo
    The inclusion of Alex's girlfriend makes for the perfect set up to the stress of the climax of his climb.
8. A Quiet Place
    The directing was great in creating effective audience hush and tension, but there are some logic holes about character location/solution.
9. Black Panther
    Another solid entry for MCU but Iron Man is still my favorite. Letitia Wright was so fun. I'd love a Ross/Coulson matchup.
10. Avengers: Infinity War
    They managed to keep the flow going, but I was more impressed by Thanos's magician henchman than Thanos himself. Thor and Star Lord were good.
11. Sicario: Day of the Soldado
    Reduced oppressive music and increased focus on del Toro and Brolin's characters is an improvement even though the plot feels like 1990s Tom Clancy.
12. Incredibles 2
    Great to see the feminist angle continued, and Jack-Jack vs. the raccoon is one of my favorite scenes of the year.
13. Solo: A Star Wars Story
    Ehrenreich was better than I expected, Glover was great, L3-37 was funny but odd. The music dulled the adventure.
14. Tag
    I thought they took it to the edge pretty well. This is a good double header with Game Night.
15. Ant-Man and the Wasp
    Michael Pena (Luis)'s recounting of Scott's life with other character voiceovers is one of the funnier scenes this year.
16. Ralph Breaks the Internet
    Vanellope and Shank are great characters, and the princesses scene is one of the best of the year.
17. The Favourite
    Great acting by all three lead women, and some of the best dialogue of the year, but the music is offputting and the direction isn't strong.
18. Vice
    Bale is spot on and the cinematography has some great shots. The narration and one key break in the natural language disrupt the flow of the film.
19. The Spy Who Dumped Me
    This is pretty entertaining especially due to McKinnon but Melissa McCarthy's Spy is still superior in this genre.
20. On the Basis of Sex
21. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
    The achievement is great, the character is great, Prowler is one of the best villains of the year, but it wasn't my style and Peter's voice actors didn't fit in my opinion.
22. The Happytime Murders
    Voice casting for Phil was perfect. I'd watch this again instead of Team America.
23. Overboard
    I like Eugenio Derbez a lot, and Mel Rodriguez brings the right tone as well.
24. Bohemian Rhapsody
    Malek is well cast as Mercury, but it's a great cast all around. I had the feeling though the characters are more united than they were in real life.
25. Creed II
    I liked this a little bit more than the first film but I still like the original series more for fighting scenes and the spirit.
26. I Feel Pretty
    I do like the feminist message, but the real standout is Michelle Williams's offbeat (both in voice and personality) character. Martinez is always a fun supporting actor.
27. Widows
    The pace is a slow burn, but the acting is really good.
28. The Predator
    I liked Shane Black's humor a lot, and the mix of cast including Munn. I wasn't that thrilled about the giant Predator effects.
29. Cockblockers
    The messaging here about kids being okay on their own is refreshing. Barinholtz's character is probably the most interesting.
30. Adrift
    Some viewers don't like the narrative structure but I was impressed by the end. It's certainly romantic and tense.
31. White Boy Rick
    Solid acting all around, but it ends like an issue film without convincing me I should be on its side. It's certainly a different version of Superfly.
32. Bumblebee
    Steinfeld was a solid casting choice. It's fun and isn't as wildly chaotic as the other Transformers films.
33. Ready Player One
    I loved the 1980s callbacks but as scrappers-take-on-big-corp movies go there have been better.
34. A Star is Born
    Great cast; Sam Elliott would have been right to win the Oscar, but Ally's rise and the ending feel out of character.
35. Hotel Artemis
    The sci-fi-but-outdated-tech setting feels forced, but all the performances make it interesting.
36. Crazy Rich Asians
    Yeoh is so strong that this doesn't feel like Constance Wu's movie. Henry Golding is too perfect, and Jeong and Awkwafina are a bit too forced comedic relief (though she finishes strong).
37. Aquaman
    Kidman's early scenes make me want to see her do more action. But then there's an octopus playing the drums.
38. The Equalizer 2
    Some badass moments yet again, but mostly an exercise on different ways to kill people.
39. Superfly
    It's stylish, but success comes too easily to Priest. Jason Mitchell gives the strongest performance, and it's fun seeing Jennifer Morrison play a baddie.
40. Holmes & Watson
41. Mortal Engines
    Almost as ridiculous as Waterworld in concept, the visuals are pretty cool and the acting is good (especially Weaving and Jihae).
42. Action Point
    I went to Action Park once as a kid so I was excited for this but the pace is shockingly lethargic.
43. Hotel Transylvania 3
    I liked the addition of Kathryn Hahn as the cruise ship director, but the series has never grabbed me. I guess the music battle at the end is fun.
44. Ocean's 8
    Blanchett's look is great and Carter is funny, but everything comes too easy to the team. There's never any question they'll win.
45. Robin Hood
    Decent pace for the action, but Costner/Freeman/Rickman still have the modern classic tale. The anachronistic costumes are a terrible distraction.
46. Skyscraper
    Johnson walking around the outside of the tower and hanging on is fairly harrowing.
47. 12 Strong
    I always appreciate realistic depictions to understand what actually happened. Interesting to see how difficult bomb drops are.
48. The Old Man and the Gun
    Redford is pleasant in this, but there's a hook that's missing for what I want from his final performance.
49. The Mule
    Pacing was pretty slow. It's a close choice between this and The Old Man & the Gun, but I'd probably give it to Redford.
50. Early Man
    I generally like Aardman movies but this one didn't grab me. It felt too precious I guess.
51. Mile 22
    It's cool seeing Lauren Cohan get brutal, and Iko Uwais show off his moves, but this is a fairly generic straight line action flick.
52. First Man
    Harrowing from the opening scene, but it became pessimistic in tone. Supporting actors were good, but Gosling was uninspired and Foy's character was downright annoying.
53. Maze Runner: The Death Cure
    The whole cast is great all around and work well together. Good pacing and emotional cues.
54. The 15:17 to Paris
    Movies are still better with professional actors.
55. Den of Thieves
    Seems like a heavy remake of Heat, without the nuance or visual style. Pretty good shootout at the end.
56. Peppermint
    This revenge thriller gives you what you want but not much more.
57. The Meg
    I read this novel twenty years ago and was excited for the movie, but it's just barely above SyFy Channel quality.
58. The House With a Clock in Its Walls
    A cross between the Addams Family and Harry Potter. I was just marking time as the movie went on.
59. Tomb Raider
    I was surprised at how good Vikander is in the role, but the plot didn't hook me. I liked Daniel Wu too.
60. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    I guess I had one startled moment when a dinosaur jumps out, but this is only marginally more interesting than the previous Jurassic.
61. Sherlock Gnomes
    I smiled a few times. This was cute enough to sit through.
62. A Wrinkle in Time
    Unlike some of the other feminist messaging in movies this year, I thought a Wrinkle in Time was too heavy handed and distracting.
63. Life of the Party
    Like Blockers the progressive tone here is great, but McCarthy's character feels like an extended SNL skit.
64. Rampage
    Some of the long distance shots are fairly neat, but of course this is all absurd. It's simpler than Transformers, but better?
65. Venom
    The first half of Venom is lousy - Hardy isn't convincing as a reporter or boyfriend. It gets better when Venom takes the lead, but that doesn't save it. Worst Marvel movie in decade maybe.
66. The Book Club
    I had hopes that Richard Dreyfuss would make this fun, but no. Angst isn't fun watching at any age.
67. Red Sparrow
    The opening leg break is dramatic, and Lawrence plays up her character, but I didn't buy it or the doublecross.
68. Pacific Rim Uprising
    These are better than Transformers but still ridiculous.
69. Death Wish
    It's unfortunate that this is so heavily one-sided on the political view. Did I miss a resolution on a key twist at the end?
70. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
    Utterly boring. Some nifty special effects don't overcome the sense of wasted time watching this and getting nothing from the story.
71. The Commuter
    I was annoyed by the time-lapse editing at the start and wasn't won over by anything after. Glad I didn't go to the theater for this one.
72. Annihiliation
    The screaming undead bear is one of the most disturbing scenes I've seen in years. The ending is just odd.
73. The Hurricane Heist
    Kebbell and Grace were alright but this is subpar Rob Cohen's previous work.
74. Proud Mary
    Thankfully under 90 minutes, everything about this production (except maybe the cinematography) feels like a bush league effort.
75. Replicas
    (2019 wide release) Terrible acting, writing, and story. A mar on an otherwise popular year for Keanu.

Other Movies in Release
76. Alpha
77. Assassination Nation
78. Bad Times at the El Royale
79. Boy Erased
80. Ben is Back
81. 7 Days in Entebbe
82. Tyler Perry's Acrimony
83. Bad Samaritan
84. Breaking In
85. Chappaquiddick
86. Christopher Robin
87. Colette
88. Disobedience
89. Dog Days
90. Death of a Nation
91. The Darkest Minds
92. Fahrenheit 11/9
93. Fifty Shades Freed
94. The First Purge
95. Forever My Girl
96. Hell Fest
97. God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness
98. Gosnell
99. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
100. Gotti
101. The Grinch
102. The Hate U Give
103. Indivisible
104. Insidious: The Last Key
105. I Can Only Imagine
106. Halloween (2018)
107. Hereditary
108. Hunter Killer
109. If Beale Street Could Talk
110. Instant Family
111. Little Women: A Modern Retelling
112. Johnny English Strikes Again
113. Love, Simon
114. Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again
115. The Miracle Season
116. Midnight Sun
117. The Nun
118. Night School
119. Paddington 2
120. Peter Rabbit
121. Paul, Apostle of Christ
122. A Private War
123. Searching
124. Show Dogs
125. Samson
126. Second Act
127. They Shall Not Grow Old
128. A Simple Favor
129. The Sisters Brothers
130. Smallfoot
131. Super Troopers 2
132. Strangers: Prey at Night
133. Slender Man
134. Teen Titans Go to the Movies
135. Traffik
136. Tully
137. Thoroughbreds
138. Truth or Dare
139. Upgrade
140. Uncle Drew
141. Unfriended: Dark Web
142. Unsane
143. Welcome to Marwen
144. Winchester
145. Won't You Be My Neighbor
146. Green Book
147. Mary Queen of Scots
148. Mary Poppins Returns
149. Operation Finale



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