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2015 Movies I've Seen, Ranked
1. Spy
    Funny from the start, it really gets great when she becomes the tough Amber Valentine. Rose Byrne is excellent too - all the women are.
2. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    This was a lot funnier than I expected it to be. The sparring between the team members is great.
3. Focus
    The chemistry is great even though the twists are ridiculous. The Double It scene is one of the best of the year. Adrian Martinez must have had the most fun during the movie.
4. The Martian
    I did like the humor but I didn't get a sense that Damon's character was ever in real danger.
5. Sicario
    The mood here is supported substantially by a very intimidating score, but del Toro's character is very cool
6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
    Not quite as intense as MI3, but still entertaining. The motorcycle chase gives off the sense of speed better than I've ever seen.
7. Avengers: Age of Ultron
    I liked Elizabeth Olsen the most except for her accent. Ultron's human attitude was interesting. Change his graphics and Bettany would be the best Superman since Reeve, maybe ever.
8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    There are some really funny scenes in this and Adam Driver surprised me. Rey is great. Not a masterpiece, but really enjoyable.
9. Ex Machina
    Once you see what's happening it's a bit predictable, but the movie has style. And the dancing scene will probably end up in my favorites list for the year.
10. Mad Max: Fury Road
    I normally like Hardy but he was a dud here. Theron was great, and I loved the old biker chicks. It's just one long chase though, no plot.
11. Kingsman: The Secret Service
    This could have gone wrong in so many ways and it actually managed to balance violence and humor right.
12. Creed
    The boxing scenes aren't as energetic as in the original set of Rocky films, but this is a great entry to the story arc. Jordan is really good.
13. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    The dialogue and the chemistry between the friends is excellent. I loved the movie-making bit.
14. Straight Outta Compton
    Cool history of a short time in history that had lasting impact. All the acting is great.
15. Furious 7
    I think all the hype led me to be a little disappointed - it's just very Hollywood compared to the first movie. Statham/Diesel/Rock was a good fight trio though.
16. The Big Short
    Fantastic telling of the behind the scenes figures in the financial crisis.
17. Concussion
    I thought Smith was really good and was surprised he wasn't nominated for awards.
18. Inside Out
    I wanted to slap Sadness's hand at the beginning and almost turned it off. It makes a strong story point but I still only laughed a few times (mostly for Fear and Anger).
19. Sisters
    Tina Fey's scenes with Cena are hilarious.
20. Taken 3
    Whatever magic the first movie had is lost by this one, it's just noise, and Neeson isn't very intimidating.
21. Shaun the Sheep
    The first part of this nearly put me to sleep but it gets really funny when the sheep go for fancy dining and the farmer becomes a celeb barber.
22. The DUFF
    Is this the DUFF of high school makeover romances? Nah, but Mean Girls, Easy A, and Clueless are still better.
23. Cinderella
    The lack of a masked ball deflates the effect of trying on the slipper, and of course a movie about love only has three interactions between prince and Cinderella.
24. Fantastic Four (2015)
    Certainly not as good as the other Marvel films, but it's better than the previous FF version.
25. Get Hard
    I laughed at this more than I expected to.
26. The Water Diviner
    I liked this for an introduction to the history .
27. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
    I think I was more impressed by this one that Part 1.
28. The Age of Adaline
    I was really surprised at how much I liked this. It's sad and sweet and nostalgic and romantic. Maybe less epic but a little less wistful than Benjamin Button.
29. Aloha
    I didn't find this as bad as everyone made it to be, it's just too self-important and sentimental. I did like the non-speak conversations though.
30. Hitman: Agent 47
    Rupert Friend just isn't that imposing, and the whole production broadcasts 'shot on a budget in Eastern Europe'.
31. Trainwreck
    This was amusing. It reminds me a bit of the tv series You're the Worst. The athletes were surprisingly good in their roles.
32. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
    After the first Hunger Games I think I've found this series more interesting.
33. Burnt
    I liked the acting but this makes professional chefs look like immature brats.
34. Krampus
    Not as scary or funny as I expected, but an amusing thriller.
35. Spectre
    I was so disappointed in this movie. It has all the right pieces but feels uninspired. The decisionmaking is just boneheaded. One of the dumbest pre-credit sequences of the series.
36. The Intern
    Pleasant, but the conclusion just supports all Hathaway's character's bad behavior as if it's noble to miss your kids in order to pursue your work dream.
37. Steve Jobs
    If this is how Steve Jobs really was, then my respect for him has plummeted.
38. The Gunman
    Penn plays a pretty good badass, similar to Mel Gibson, but the villain isn't very cinematic.
39. Entourage
    I found this boring and dated at the beginning but somehow it did get more interesting by the end. Nice to see how loyal Ari is.
40. Ted 2
    The legal research montage is great as is the Comic-con fight sequence. But there are stretches where it goes on too long.
41. Pitch Perfect 2
    Not nearly as fun as the first, the one good sequence is the underground club battle.
42. American Ultra
    Decent action flick.
43. Blackhat
    Interesting to have a tech mystery without a sci-fi A.I., but the actors have no chemistry, and the pace is too slow even for Michael Mann.
44. Ant-Man
    Somehow the movie is too slow while running through the plot too quickly. I was not impressed by Evangeline Lilly nor her choice of hairstyle.
45. Southpaw
    Solid boxing and character story, but it doesn't distinguish itself in this genre much.
46. Self/Less
    Fairly predictable. The best parts were when Ryan goes into action kick-ass mode.
47. Good Kill
    This is a bit angsty and more like a college poli-sci class debate than how I imagine the professionals work. The Hurt Locker is still the best in this genre.
48. The Second Best Marigold Hotel
    These movies are well shot but strike me as pandering. I didn't like Maggie Smith's character but I'd say she gave the best performance.
49. Mr. Holmes
    The acting is decent but the story just doesn't go anywhere, which is as depressing as Holmes getting old and useless.
50. No Escape
    It's a pretty harrowing scenario. The early building-top-jump scene is great for tension.
51. Jurassic World
    The movie feels completely manufactured and doesn't have the same heart as Jurassic Park.
52. Run All Night
    This was at least better than Taken 3.
53. Pawn Sacrifice
    Some of the scenes are well shot, but I've seen paranoia portrayed more interestingly and I wanted more chess.
54. Unfinished Business
    The humor in this is stretched so thin that they probably should have just made it a drama, and it would have been a better movie.
55. Rock the Kasbah
    It's a lovely story but it's told in a pretty lackadaisical way.
56. San Andreas
    I'd probably rather watch 2012 again.
57. The Divergent Series: Insurgent
    I've lost comprehension of the plotline and I'm not sure what power or purpose a divergent person has in this universe, but it just seems like an imitation of Hunger Games.
58. Chappie
    I wanted this to be good but was really let down. It makes engineers look like fools. Motivations, dialogue, all comes across as amateur.
59. Terminator: Genisys
    Emilia Clarke isn't the terrible choice I expected, she at least has the voice for the role. J.K. Simmons is kind of fun.
60. Minions
    I was completely bored by this, which is too bad because I loved the minions in the Despicable Me movies. I also loved the Penguins of Madagascar spinoff.
61. Hot Pursuit
    Dumb, of course. Reese Witherspoon speedtalking while under the influence of cocaine is kind of funny.
62. The Danish Girl
    Nice cinematography but I couldn't connect with the characters at all.
63. The Good Dinosaur
    There was next to no humor in this and the story doesn't have much to it either. A huge letdown for a Pixar movie.
64. Mortdecai
    I want to like this movie but it's just so... I laughed once, at Paltrow's
65. Home
    I had to to mute this movie every time music came on. Visual effects are good, but the only time I laughed was for "Can I come into the out now?" and "Your-mom"
66. Vice
    A direct to video mashup of I Robot and Total Recall, with Bruce Willis in a villainous supporting role. He seems to be coasting on his smirk.
67. Woman in Gold
    Mirren's persona didn't muster much sympathy from me, and I thought Reynolds had one of the weakest performances of the year.
68. Ricki and the Flash
    This seems to have been made solely to make Meryl Streep sing rock and role and perform on screen with her daughter.
69. The Wedding Ringer
    Eh. Kaley Cuoco was useless, not that she would have mattered.
70. Project Almanac
    The dialogue is really annoying - like David Mamet on speed.
71. Tomorrowland
    It may have been my system but I found the audio mix so aggressive that I had to mute it repeatedly for every loud explosion or jet or gun. And cranky Clooney is insufferable.
72. Poltergeist
    The original has some magic to it that just makes it scarier.
73. Jupiter Ascending
    Everything is way over the top and just ridiculous. Dune isn't much better really, but it was more impressive at the time.
74. Strange Magic
    The sole existence of this movie seems to be to have animated characters sing pop songs, which gets really annoying. Some nifty camera work doesn't cut it.
75. The Boy Next Door
    There were afterschool special movies made in the 1980s that were better than this. They even failed at titilation. It's hard to see what Lopez saw in this project.
76. Vacation (2015)
    I put the hot springs scene on mute and looked away. Doing that for the entire movie would work too.
77. Fifty Shades of Grey
    The writing is awful. The editing is awful. The acting is awful. It's just awful.
78. Hot Tub Time Machine 2
    I laughed a couple times, but this just comes across as a lame attempt to cash in with a sequel.
79. Magic Mike XXL
    The dialogue and scene plotting is so poor it plays out like an unedited documentary of regular people killing time while they wait to shoot a movie.

2015 Movies To See
80. The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death
81. Paddington
82. Spare Parts
83. The Loft
84. The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
85. Seventh Son
86. Macfarland, USA
87. The Lazarus Effect
88. Do You Believe?
89. The Longest Ride
90. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
91. Unfriended
92. Monkey Kingdom
93. True Story
94. Child 44
95. Little Boy
96. The D Train
97. Where Hope Grows
98. I'll See You in My Dreams
99. Insidious: Chapter 3
100. With This Ring
101. Love & Mercy
102. Dope
103. Max (2015)
104. Faith of Our Fathers
105. The Gallows
106. Pixels
107. Paper Towns
108. The Vatican Tapes
109. The Gift (2015)
110. Dragon Ball Z: Resurection F
111. Sinister 2
112. War Room
113. We Are Your Friends
114. A Walk in the Woods
115. The Transporter Refueled
116. The Perfect Guy
117. The Visit
118. 90 Minutes in Heaven
119. Black Mass
120. Everest
121. Captive
122. Hotel Transylvania 2
123. The Green Inferno
124. The Walk
125. Pan
126. He Named Me Malala
127. 99 Homes
128. Goosebumps
129. Bridge of Spies
130. Crimson Peak
131. Woodlawn
132. The Last Witch Hunter
133. Room
134. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
135. Jem and the Holograms
136. Our Brand Is Crisis
137. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
138. The Peanuts Movie
139. The 33
140. Love the Coopers
141. By the Sea
142. My All American
143. The Night Before
144. Secret in Their Eyes
145. Spotlight
146. Victor Frankenstein
147. In the Heart of the Sea
148. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip
149. Joy
150. Daddy's Home
151. Point Break 2
152. Anomalisa



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