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2014 Movies I've Seen
1. Cuban Fury
    The dialogue in this comedy made me laugh the hardest all year. Frost is good as always, but Kayvan Novak's character references to Back to the Future were the best.
2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    I liked this a lot more than the first Cap and both Thors. Winter Soldier is a cool villain, and the tie in with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is great.
3. The Penguins of Madagascar
    I laughed a lot at this (even at the terrible celebrity puns). I ridiculous guess animal comedy is just my style.
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
    A good amount of fun for late summer, but other movies have done this bit better. Dammit if Pratt didn't win me over as Peter Quill though.
5. The Edge of Tomorrow
    I was surprised to like this - Cruise manages to be funny, and I liked Emily Blunt's character. I like this and Oblivion as a double-header.
6. That Awkward Moment
    The dialogue between the buddy characters is great, and I like Imogen Poots. This movie was a pleasant surprise.
7. The LEGO Movie
    Not quite as great as Toy Story, but along the same lines, very entertaining. Lando was funniest, I just wish there had been more Star Wars.
8. Fury
    Man, the projectile effects in this movie are amazing. Pitt is surprisingly good in moments. This is a good companion movie to Saving Private Ryan.
9. Interstellar
    The long first act could have been trimmed, the NASA intro fleshed out. Some plot holes, but it's a good emotional trip. Foy is great.
10. Maleficent
    I thought this was great. Fantastic casting and performance with the character for Angelina Jolie. Sharlto Copley was the weak point.
11. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    I expected to be annoyed by the style of this movie but I was entertained by the dialogue. Fiennes is funny.
12. Gone Girl
    Interesting how this movie feels like it would have fit in in the 1990s. It didn't go where I expected, which as a good thing.
13. Whiplash
    This would have been my choice for Best Picture Oscar. Interesting choice for the ending.
14. The Skeleton Twins
    Hader and Wiig's sibling chemistry is excellent, the acting is excellent, and them lip-synching to Starship is one of my favorite scenes of the year.
15. Big Hero 6
    This was undersold by the trailer. I was pleasantly surprised that it's as charming and fun as The Incredibles. I loved the low battery scene.
16. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    The cgi on the apes is much improved in this movie. The themes are a bit on the nose, but I thought the tone was right.
17. Begin Again
    Charming, mostly because this is the perfect type of role for Knightley. Chef is a little better at depicting passion for a specific art.
18. 22 Jump Street
    I liked the self-awareness. The kiss?fight? between Schmidt and Mercedes was great, as was the end credit sequel teasers.
19. Chef
    I though this was great - no rush to the pacing, to Hollywood musical cues for emotional moments, just sincere characters who love food.
20. Birdman
    I didn't really like the jazzy style in the beginning, and a lot of the monologues come across as self-stroking for actors. But, they're pretty good too.
21. The Imitation Game
    Hard to say which is better, this or A Beautiful Mind. Turing's initian verbal sparring, and the eureka scene where they crack the problem, are both great.
22. American Sniper
    I understand the character that Cooper was trying to depict, but it's a little on the nose. The Hurt Locker is still the superior movie in this homelife-vs-patriotism genre.
23. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Quicksilver's slow-motion run around the room in the Pentagon is one of my favorite scenes of the year.
24. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
    I liked Pine and Costner in this, and I'd really like to see a Jack Ryan series. Not quite Patriot Games, but it's a good action flick.
25. Horrible Bosses 2
    I laughed plenty at this. It's a lot of dumb comedy, funny for that. Bateman vs. Aniston in the sex addicts meeting is hilarious.
26. Bad Johnson
    Nick Thune is really funny with some great insults.
27. Let's Be Cops
    Not as many laughs as Jump Street but still entertaining. Natasha Leggero's horny stakeout scene cracked me up.
28. What If
    It's a little distracting to watch Radcliffe because all I see is Harry Potter, but he was good. Still, That Awkward Moment is my favorite romance of the year.
29. Bad Words
    Simple setup, but pretty funny comedy.
30. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
    As scenes go it's tough to top the arenas from the previous movies, but I liked this one because the tone was a lot like The Empire Strikes Back.
31. Neighbors
    I thought Rose Byrne was lousy at adlibbing in the begining, but her kissing scene/setup was pretty great.
32. Top Five
    I don't have a lot of sympathy for Rock's character (it's Hollywood, get over it), but he and Rosario Dawson are great together.
33. A Million Ways to Die in the West
    There were some laughs here, and I liked the chemistry between MacFarlane and Theron.
34. Need For Speed
    Cool driving action, and I really really like Imogen Poots.
35. The Hundred-Foot Journey
    This is one of those easy movies to watch - beautiful cinematography, love of food, rags to riches. Chef is still better.
36. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
    I think I liked this most of the three Hobbits, but the cgi at the end battle looked awfully rubbery.
37. Muppets Most Wanted
    I liked The Muppets a little more but this has its moments. Evil Kermit is great, as is Fey as a Russian guard.
38. John Wick
    Pretty good action. Dean Winters was oddly weaker than usual or they just gave him a weak part.
39. The Equalizer
    Sometimes ridiculous, but I think I liked this more than Liam Neeson's recent action pics.
40. The November Man
    A decent spy/action flick, not as entertaining as a Bond film though.
41. Exodus: Gods and Kings
    The casting for this movie was just all wrong. And it's just a string of effects. The Red Sea sequence is pretty impressive.
42. The Gambler
    Great character, a lot of tough talk and some fun gambling scenes, but it feels very jumbled and I wanted more of Brie Larson.
43. Walk of Shame
    Sarah Wright actually has some of the best moments, especially testing Marsden on whether he's a jerk..
44. How to Train Your Dragon 2
    These movies are well-made, but they just don't move me. I think the voice actors are a big distraction, and Hounsou was just a wrong choice.
45. Draft Day
    Not as good as Any Given Sunday or even Jerry Maguire, but the wheeling and dealing and pace at the end won me over.
46. Annie
    Pleasant. Rose Byrne is adorable.
47. Into the Storm
    Twister is still the tornado movie to see, but the fire tornado and other cgi is really, really convincing.
48. Non-Stop
    Liam is badass, but I think I liked Passenger 57 more.
49. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    I still don't see the need for this rebooted series, but I liked it more than the first primarily because the music keeps it engaging.
50. If I Stay
    Interesting teen romantic drama. The paranormal aspect was weaker but not terrible. I think I prefer this movie over The Lovely Bones.
51. Very Good Girls
    I could exactly relate to these teen girls but Ifelt like I could understand how they related to each other.
52. The Judge
    RDJ doesn't seem to have to work too hard to act himself, and the directing/editing is bumpy, but the vocal fireworks are pretty good.
53. Rio 2
    This is the same kind of material as in the first - if you enjoyed that, you'll probably enjoy this one.
54. The Expendables 3
    Gibson was a good choice for a villain, but Banderas was the stand out character for being so manic and funny.
55. Belle
    This is a good history, but the whole scene of rich people concerned about preserving their wealth is distracting to the real story.
56. Wish I Was Here
    A lot of the jokes seemed pretty predictable. I think Braff's best work was the trailer for Garden State. Gad's cosplay scenes were funny.
57. Snowpiercer
    This movie was way overhyped by its fans. It looks good, it has good moments, but it's predictable post-apocalypse society sci-fi.
58. RoboCop (2014)
    There was just no way Kinnaman was going to fill Peter Weller's shoes. Samuel L. Jackson's character was too over the top and on the nose.
59. Better Living Through Chemistry
    I always like Sam Rockwell. Olivia Wilde's character turned into something at least a little more interesting than her introduction.
60. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
    Ty Burell's voice is right for the role and the movie is non-stop, but this animated adventure lacks something I can't put my finger on.
61. The Nut Job
    I fell asleep during the movie. It's not badly drawn, just not very engrossing.
62. Theory of Everything
    This was so boring I spent most of the movie in the back of the theater on my phone looking up cosmology concepts on Wikipedia.
63. A Most Wanted Man
    Slightly less boring than Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I just don't care for John Le Carre. I was unconvinced by the German accents.
64. 3 Days to Kill
    Costner plays a better killer in Mr. Brooks; he tries too hard to be funny here. Amber Heard is too over the top.
65. The Maze Runner
    Pretty exciting premise, but I felt the ending was a letdown.
66. Earth to Echo
    E.T. and The Goonies of course are still better. I don't think I minded the POV camera too much.
67. Labor Day
    I found the relationships almost plausible here until it seems like all this happened in one weekend.
68. Hercules (2014)
    Actually, not bad. I liked the team-behind-the-legend approach. An improvement over The Scorpion King, and ton better than The Legend of Hercules.
69. The Purge 2: Anarchy
    I like Frank Grillo, and survival stories appeal to me, but I don't see much reason to recommend this to anyone.
70. The Monuments Men
    Cheap knockoff of Saving Private Ryan. No emotional connection to characters, no sense of urgency, weak historical education.
71. Jersey Boys
    I hated the fourth-wall-breaking exposition, but I learned something new about Joe Pesci's music-industry past.
72. Godzilla (2014)
    Some great cinematography, but I thought this movie was terribly boring, even during the big fights. And Olsen's character staying in the killzone was just dumb.
73. Young & Beautiful
    (in)Decent coming of age drama. I liked the interaction between Isabelle and her brother.
74. The Fault in Our Stars
    I get how tragic masochistic love stories are catnip to teens, but should we really be encouraging that angst?
75. Night Moves
    Interesting drama about the stress of a terrorist act building up after the fact, but I thought they overdid it.
76. Divergent
    Better than The Host but not as thrilling as The Hunger Games. It's getting hard to tell them apart.
77. Sex Tape
    Why make this movie when you've alredy made Zack and Miri Make a Porno? It wasn't any funnier. The only scene I enjoyed was with Jack Black.
78. And So It Goes
    I was shocked by the casual old-folk-racism-is-funny dialogue. Otherwise it's just an average cantankerous romance.
79. Sniper: Legacy
    Probably not as good as American Sniper, but there's some shooting action here.
80. Blended
    Typical Adam Sandler paint by numbers romcom. Crews is great on Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I had to mute his musical numbers in this movie.
81. Brick Mansions
    Some good action, mostly from David Belle but also from Walker. But the audio sounds like a bad foreign dub.
82. Gambit
    A crime comedy from 2012 released on dvd this year. I was surprised this is a Coen brothers movie. Only Firth in his underwear amused me.
83. Locke
    I get the concept, and Tom Hardy is good in an understated role, but I had to fast forward because I couldn't stand being stuck in the car for dialogue that long.
84. About Last Night
    I really liked Michael Ealy in last season's tv show Almost Human, but this movie could have done without him and Joy Bryant.
85. Ride Along
    Kevin Hart fills the void left by Martin Lawrence in this movie. Old, worn out conspiracy plot. Ice Cube doesn't seem to try very hard.
86. Think Like a Man Too
    Obvious comedy/drama, though I did like the stress of realizing how much had been spent on the suite.
87. The Other Woman
    I like the concept of women getting even but the comedy is bumbling and the bad guy too likable for me to hate.
88. 300: Rise of an Empire
    Lacks the clear machismo and plot of the first movie, adds some wild Eva Green titillation, still ridiculous.
89. Noah
    I didn't like the sci-fi, and then aspects of the Bible story were added that didn't make sense (drunken Noah).
90. Tammy
    I generally think McCarthy is really funny, but I couldn't find the laughs in this one. Kathy Bates was good though.
91. The Signal
    This would have been much more thrilling if it had been about hackers and not aliens - the ending is just annoying.
92. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
    I thought Splinter was ancient. The accelerated growth backstory kind of ruined it for me. I mean other than all the other noise.
93. Lucy
    Luc Besson's worldview has spawned some pretty creative and entertaining projects, but it took him off the rails with Lucy. Scarlet is just vapid.
94. Pompeii
    Cheap knockoff of Gladiator, but better than The Legend of Hercules.
95. Transformers: Age of Extinction
    Honest Trailers nailed this one. Atrocious peddling of underage sexuality and ridiculous action.
96. Transcendence
    This was annoying in how not good it was.
97. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
    I guess this one was less violent than the first, but it's still gristle being advertised as steak.
98. The Giver
    Streep in this vs. Winslet in Divergent - who's the better villain? Don't care. I'll stick with the Hunger Games series.
99. Sabotage
    This we're-a-team cop movie has been done a hundred times before and better, and Mireille Enos just overacts an already ridiculous character. What a disappointment.
100. I, Frankenstein
    It's just so tedious and so much noise. I did kind of like the first introduction of the gargoyles.
101. The Legend of Hercules
    Awful. Wrestling with the lion looked like a SNL skit.
102. Under the Skin
    I *hated* this movie. The offputting music, lack of dialogue, lack of motivation or explanation was just annoying, and I've never found Johansson less attractive.

2014 Movies to See
103. Big Eyes
104. The Book of Life
105. Boyhood
106. Cake
107. The Drop
108. Foxcatcher
109. The Homesman
110. In Secret
111. Inherent Vice
112. Into the Woods
113. The Last of Robin Hood
114. Night at the Museum 3
115. Nightcrawler
116. Pride
117. Rosewater
118. Selma
119. Still Alice
120. St. Vincent
121. The Trip to Italy
122. Unbroken
123. Wild
124. Veronica Mars
125. A Walk Among the Tombstones
126. Addicted
127. Annabelle
128. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
129. Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas
130. Archaeology of a Woman
131. Are You Here
132. As Above/So Below
133. At Middleton
134. Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?
135. Awakened
136. Barefoot
137. The Best of Me
138. Beyond the Lights
139. The Better Angels
140. Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain
141. Black or White
142. Blood Ties
143. The Boxtrolls
144. By the Gun
145. Cesar Chavez
146. Calvary
147. Citizenfour
148. Deliver Us From Evil
149. Devil's Due
150. Dear White People
151. The Devil's Hand
152. Devil's Knot
153. Dolphin Tale 2
154. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
155. Dom Hemingway
156. Dracula Untold
157. The Double
158. Dumber and Dumber To
159. Dumb and Dumber Too
160. Elsa & Fred
161. Endless Love
162. Fading Gigalo
163. The Face of Love
164. Fort Bliss
165. Frank
166. Freezer
167. Get On Up
168. Girl on a Bicycle
169. A Haunted House 2
170. God Help the Girl
171. God's Pocket
172. The Good Lie
173. Goodbye World
174. Greencard Warriors
175. Heaven is for Real
176. Hector and the Search for Happiness
177. Horns
178. The Humbling
179. I Origins
180. The Immigrant
181. Jimi: All is By My Side
182. Jodorworsky's Dune
183. Joe
184. Kill the Messenger
185. Le Week-end
186. Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
187. The Liberator
188. Life of Crime
189. Lilting
190. Love is Strange
191. Low Down
192. Magic in the Moonlight
193. Men, Women & Children
194. Million Dollar Arm
195. Miss Julie

196. Mr. Turner
197. Mom's Night Out
198. A Most Violent Year
199. Murder 101
200. My Old Lady
201. No God, No Master
202. No Good Deed (2014)
203. Obvious Child
204. Oculus
205. The One I Love
206. The One I Wrote For You
207. Only Lovers Left Alive
208. Ouija
209. Paddington
210. Palo Alto
211. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
212. The Pirate Fairy
213. Planes: Fire and Rescue
214. The Quiet Ones
215. The Railway Man
216. Reach Me
217. Rob the Mob
218. The Rover
219. Rudderless
220. Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
221. Small Time
222. Song of the Sea
223. Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon
224. Step Up: All In
225. This is Where I Leave You
226. Tracks
227. Two Days, One Night
228. Tusk
229. The Two Faces of January
230. Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club
231. Vampire Academy
232. Walking With the Enemy
233. When the Game Stands Tall
234. Winter's Tale
235. Words and Pictures
236. Bears
237. God's Not Dead
238. Demonic
239. The Identical
240. The Wind Rises
241. Left Behind
242. Son of God
243. The Pyramid



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