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Movies I've Seen
1. The World's End
    Fantastic. I loved the first half hour being essentially a monologue, loved Frost being kick ass, loved Pike being kick ass, loved the Sisters of Mercy ref.
2. Warm Bodies
    My favorite movie of the year to date, I loved the treatment of this romance and also zombies.
3. Iron Man 3
    This is suprisingly funny. I'll still call the first one my favorite, but this was more fun than IM2. Contrary to some complaints, I really liked Guy Pearce.
4. Oblivion
    Something about this movie felt very 1980s, which made me like it more. The drones were more intimidating than Robocop.
5. Star Trek Into Darkness
    I do like these actors/characters and want to see more of them, but they lack the oomf of the original movies, and it feels randomly assembled and rushed.
6. Drinking Buddies
    I loved the chemistry in this. The romantic tension felt very true to life.
7. World War Z
    This was harrowing, much more entertaining than Contagion. I have a little trouble understanding why they had communications but couldn't communicate findings.
8. Gravity
    Visually great, and very tense, I just wish Clooney had shut up and stopped talking wastefully.
9. You're Next
    Fantastically, darkly funny. It's hard to tell if the acting is intentionally bad or not, but the end product is one of my favorite horror flicks in years.
10. Frozen
    I still prefer Tangled more, but this movie was entertaining throughout. I liked the In Summer song even more than Let It Go. Josh Gad is great as the snowman.
11. 2 Guns
    Wahlberg makes this fun.
12. White House Down
    This was a lot more entertaining than I expected. Olympus Has Fallen was dumb. White House Down was dumb fun.
13. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    I was annoyed with Katniss in the first movie but I liked this one much more.
14. The Fast & Furious 6
    I like the car action, The Rock looked like a boulder, but that runway length chase was ridiculous.
15. Anchorman 2
    The shark bit was dumb, and the racial dinner seemed like too much, but I got plenty of laughs from this.
16. Blackfish
    For an aquatic abuse double header, pair this with The Cove.
17. The Way Way Back
    I nearly quit 10 minutes in due to Janney's over the top character, but as always, Sam Rockwell makes everything better. He's paired well with Faxon.
18. Lone Survivor
    I thought this was great and can't understand why it didn't get the kind of buzz Zero Dark Thirty received (other than OBL). Heartwrenching closing credits.
19. Now You See Me
    This is a fun heist/magic movie, and it's not too hard to set aside the unrealistic elements, but the ending just comes out of nowhere.
20. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    Visually impressive, yes, but these movies are just too long.
21. Enough Said
    I'm not normally a fan of JLD, but she was very likable in this movie and I thought the tone was just lovely.
22. About Time
    Lovely romance. It's very unusual in that the boy doesn't lose the girl for having deceived her.
23. Rush
    Growing more interested in racing lately I was really looking forward to this. I didn't like the cinematography - it looked like it was shot on cheap lenses, too close up.
24. 42
    Ford does a better job playing the cranky old man than he's done recently, but still seems to be trying too hard. Boseman is great for the role. Tudyk's scene must have been even more brutal to fi
25. Love Is All You Need
    I liked this more than I expected. Trine Dyrholm is just beautiful, what a fantastic smile.
26. RED 2
    Cheesy, but if you go in knowing that, there's a good pace to it. Plenty of action. I think Malkovich is the highlight.
27. 12 Years a Slave
    The saddest tragedy to me of this story is after Solomon succeeded in geting back home, he disappeared again and his body was never found.
28. Dark Skies
    Spooky. Much better than haunting and exorcism movies lately.
29. The Spectacular Now
    Shailene Woodley is wonderfully natural, so good in this movie. Sutter Keely overdoes a bit of Vince Vaughn too early in his career, but it works.
30. Inside Llewyn Davis
    Great opening song. Llewyn's character isn't exactly likable, but it's worth watching for the music.
31. Philomena
    Nice adversarial relationship between Dench and Coogan, but a little annoying seeing him portray the same 'I'm smarter than you and annoyed I'm not successful' character.
32. The Grandmaster
    Nicely shot, and there are some great fights, but the drama between them put me to sleep a little.
33. Blue is the Warmest Color
    The sex scenes do feel like a porn checklist shot (with poor lighting), but the drama and the acting is very good.
34. The Wolf of Wall Street
    Wild. I still like Catch Me If You Can more.
35. This is the End
    Funny but also obnoxious because I wanted them to die.
36. American Hustle
    Kind of slow, but I saw it as a dream. I thought the acting was stellar except when Bale mimiced De Niro too much..
37. The Counselor
    Stylish, sure, but I can't decide if the dialogue is wrong for the actors or if the dialogue is just too effete. Is the moral supposed to favor the bad guys?
38. Dallas Buyers Club
    The acting by MM and Leto was very impressive, more even than in Philadelphia, but the movie plot didn't cover the issues as well as it could have.
39. The Croods
    Some cool depth of field cinematography in the beginning, but the humor didn't quite grab me.
40. Escape Plan
    Arnold and Sly would have been a dream matchup 25 years ago. But this felt like a whole lotta nothing.
41. Pacific Rim
    For a big action movie, the first hour had very little to entertain. And there's the ridiculous physics. I think I liked Battleship more. I did like Idris and Rinko.
42. All is Lost
    Despite maybe three lines of dialogue, this is very watchable. But Cast Away is more watchable.
43. Machete 2
    I enjoy over the top comedies like this. I feel like I enjoyed the first one a little more, maybe just for being first.
44. Much Ado About Nothing
    At first I did not like the old dialogue against the modern setting but it grew on me. Acker is perfectly cast even though I'm not sure I liked her character. Fillion adds great humor.
45. Free Birds
    I laughed a few times and liked this more than I think any one else did. Mostly for the machismo competition.
46. Don Jon
    This movie is so New Jersey. The hallway sex scene is very hot, but yeah, I would not want to date SJ's character in this movie.
47. Oz The Great and Powerful
    This starts with a really well done goofy attitude, and the b&w is great. The color looks too green-screeny, and Kunis is oddly left disconnected from Oz.
48. Monsters University
    This prequel is lacking some of the adorable bits of Monsters Inc, but I thought it was decent.
49. Turbo
    I was amused, and the cars looked fantastic. My brother thinks I'm nuts.
50. The Act of Killing
    This movie (the subjects really) is crazy. If you tried to tell a fiction of how the Nazi party survived WWII nobody would buy it, but here's Indonesia.
51. Labor Day
    I think the performances helped make this believable...if it had been over the period of a month, not a weekend.
52. Oldboy (US)
    I'm a big fan of the original Korean version, which felt very raw. This felt manufactured. I did like Sam L. Jackson, and Elizabeth Olsen was very sexy.
53. The Family
    I liked how the kids could hold their own, but it was a little abrupt to have the daughter be suicidal.
54. Runner Runner
    About on par with Boiler Room, and Wolf of Wall Street is better. Wall St. is still the definitive movie of the genre.
55. Man of Tai Chi
    Reeves is stiff as usual, but the fight between Chen Hu and Yu Hai (Tiger and master) was absolutely beautifully choreographed.
56. The Heat
    So. much. bickering. I did enjoy Bullock flipping off her colleagues as jerks.
57. The Fifth Estate
    Cumberbatch was the right choice for this but Bruhl seemed like he was just repeating lines. Interesting to see the infighting.
58. 47 Ronin
    Eh. I've seen more interesting samurai movies.
59. Riddick
    Same old same old Riddick-movie elements, but Matthew Nable is great, and Sackhoff is a nice addition.
60. Kick-Ass 2
    I know the heavy violence in these movies isn't for many audiences, but I thought it was a good send up of the real dangers of vigilantiism. Carrey was good despite his public complaints.
61. Last Vegas
    De Niro had more convincing punches in this movie than in Grudge Match.
62. Grudge Match
    Slightly amusing, but still entirely unbelievable.
63. Bad Grandpa
    I found one or two slightly amusing moments here, but he's mostly more rude than funny. The makeup is great though.
64. Ender's Game
    This was much better than I expected it to be. The potential for a sequel comes off a little strangely, but I'd be interested to see one.
65. The Baytown Outlaws
    This surprised me, turning out to be a fun action road trip movie. I liked Daniel Cudmore's quietly invincible tough guy.
66. Captain Phillips
    For some reason I didn't find this as harrowing or compelling as Zero Dark Thirty or other drama/action pieces. Barkhad Abdi is the highlight.
67. Arthur Newman
    The acting was decent but I didn't quite feel that Firth and Blunt made for a believable couple.
68. Carrie
    I couldn't stand the whining and scolding so I muted most of the movie.
69. Despicable Me 2
    I still find these movies a little boring, but I'm entertained by the minions. Pharrell's song Happy is undeniably fun.
70. Blue Jasmine
    I absolutely hated the beginning of this, pausing often to rest. It gets bearable the less Jasmine talks later in the movie.
71. Delivery Man
    I was surprised to enjoy this more than I expected. It's certainly better than The Internship.
72. The Lone Ranger
    I don't understand the poor reviews of this movie. I thought it was a fun adventure.
73. Mud
    McConaughey and the boys are good, but I found the movie very underwhelming.
74. The Best Man Holiday
    Some amusing bits, but the group seems to have graduated into a whole other income level I can't relate to.
75. Planes
    I loved Cars, but this felt like a Saturday morning cartoon ripoff of the series.
76. Free Samples
    Another screenplay that's a little too play-y, and a little indulgent. But Weixler has her moments, and Jesse Eisenberg is cast well.
77. The To-Do List
    Plaza is funny on her own, and I love the time period, but it's really her vs. sister Rachel Bilson that are the funniest moments.
78. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
    I think I'm a little too old for this series now but I bet I would have really enjoyed it as a young teen. I enjoy Alexandra Daddario now, though.
79. Pain and Gain
    A good effort by Wahlberg, but the best bits involve Johnson's oversized buffoon.
80. Gangster Squad
    A step up from Christian Slater's Mobsters, I kind of liked the popcorn action. Penn's almost a comic book villain, Emma Stone is sadly irrelevant. Gosling has a weird high-pitched voice.
81. How I Live Now
    Ronan's character is so dislikable that I wanted her to meet an early demise. This feels a lot like a darker sequel to The Host.
82. Olympus Has Fallen
    It's remarkable how many story points look copied right out of Die Hard, but it lacks the charm. It starts as a good action movie but has a ridiculous goal.
83. Thor 2: The Dark World
    I thought this was significantly better than the first Thor, but all due to Loki. I think the Avengers could do without Thor.
84. The Look of Love
    Kind of interesting, kind of dull
85. Short Term 12
    This could have been a play, and I don't like movies that feel like plays. It's also very indulgent writing. But an impressive drama.
86. August: Osage County
    I hated just about every character in this movie to the point that I want to stay away from Oklahoma.
87. Frances Ha
    Odd and quirky and perfect for Gerwig.
88. The Company You Keep
    More mystery/chase than acting, I saw this as a spiritual kin to Sneakers.
89. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain
    Pretty funny, but his first show was better I think.
90. We're the Millers
    Aniston was a super hot brunette in Horrible Bosses so I don't know why her stripper in this movie was a failure. The kissing scene cracked me up though.
91. We Steal Secrets
    An interesting history of Wikileaks, but notable that almost everyone involved has some sort of mental or identity disorder.
92. One Direction: This is Us
    I don't follow the band but I felt I had to watch this to be prepared to talk about them with my niece. I was surprised to find that they impressed me.
93. The Great Gatsby
    I like Baz but this was overstyled in the beginning. Better by the end. Edgerton has the best performance. The score is better than the songs.
94. The Internship
    Genre comedy. Josh Gad steals the movie in his brief moments.
95. G.I. Joe 2
    This was surprisingly no where near as eye-rollingly ridiculous as the first GI Joe.
96. The Lifeguard
    I found Bell's character totally believable, and yet so totally inappropriate. Good soundtrack.
97. Epic
    Better than average save-the-forest story, but I'd still say Antz is more entertaining.
98. The Colony
    Mostly lousy apocalyptic thriller. Good casting for the lead villain, he seemed mostly invincible.
99. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
    I get that people enjoyed this movie, and there are some cute moments, but this series doesn't grab me.
100. Lovelace
    Of course I've known about Deep Throat but I wasn't familiar with Lovelace's life. The first half is the movie, the second half is the truth behind her abuse.
101. Sweetwater
    What might have been an annoying zealot movie is spiced up by Ed Harris as a wild Sheriff.
102. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples
    Standard 'you're not good enough for my daughter' comedy of errors, but I actually liked this more than I expected to.
103. The Iceman
    Anyone who's seen the documentaries on Kuklinski would know that the script is just cribbed from his statements, which means they feel just tacked together in movie form.
104. The Hunt
    This is a more straight-up version of the child molestation issue than Doubt. Good, but discomforting.
105. After Earth
    Despite the box office and critical slamming this took, I thought it's a decent, tense action movie. The Southern-sounding accents were distracting though.
106. Baggage Claim
    Dumb. So dumb.
107. Admission
    This was an okay comedy drama. I wasn't expecting huge laughs, but without them this felt kind of dull.
108. The Call
    It's no Silence of the Lambs, but thrilling enough. The twist of the final scene surprised me a little.
109. Emperor
    I didn't know a lot of the history about the days after WWII in Japan, so this was a pretty interesting history lesson.
110. Bullet to the Head
    This was a pretty generic 'buddy-cop' type movie but I actually liked how relentless Stallone's character was. Momoa was also unusually animated.
111. Syrup
    Heard is sexy, and I get the critique of advertising is valid, but it's so over the top the movie is just bad.
112. Disconnect
    This reminds me of Kids and Crash. You can imagine that the exploitation of teens happens like this all the time, which makes it depressing. Bateman is good in this dramatic role.
113. The Liability
    The cover image for this movie makes it look cheap, but it's fun. They don't build enough to make the ending believable, but I liked Tim Roth's storyline.
114. Dead Man Down
    I liked Noomi and Colin together but the pace was a little slow.
115. Blue Caprice
    I live(d) only 2 miles from one of the shootings during this time, and it took the movie to make me realize how long the spree was. But the movie feels longer.
116. Savannah
    I get the biography they were going for but it comes across as 'boo-hoo, the rules shouldn't apply to me.' Ejiofor is off his game too.
117. Mama
    Some pretty good scares, especially the first clear view of Mama. I just don't think Chastain fit in the role.
118. Elysium
    Jodie Foster's too much a boogeyman, Damon is too stiff and ridiculously costumed. Copley plays a decently intimidating villain.
119. Empire State
    I'm just not sure Hemsworth can carry a movie as a lead. Michael Angarano is annoyingly good.
120. Evidence
    Radha Mitchell and Stephen Moyer barking orders between violent staticky footage is annoying. Slightly interesting twist at the end.
121. Man of Steel
    It's a significant improvement over Superman Returns, but still pretty boring. The street fight reminded me of Thor, but I did like the quick moving Kryptonian. Cavill fits the part well enough.
122. Crazy Kind of Love
    The lively Amanda Crew really makes this movie, she's great.
123. Upside Down
    Completely stupid laws of physics, but it did have me thinking in multiple directions by the end. This might be entertaining for fans of Portal.
124. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
    Adam Sandler-esque, but worth it for Olivia Wilde's opening sequence.
125. Identity Thief
    Amusing, if confusing plotwise - why not use police for the local warrant or credit card fraud? It reminded me of Tower Heist but without a focus on the boss.
126. The Awakening
    There was a second twist I didn't see coming, but this a fairly ho-hum ghost story. The Orphanage is better.
127. The English Teacher
    I just can't stand Julianne Moore in these wishy washy roles. I hated her character.
128. Violet & Daisy
    The intential shock value of two young girls being ruthless killers is a negative. It's a little cute, but not great, and slow when they start chatting with Gandolfini.
129. Last Stand
    Just a touch too hokey with Knoxville's antics. It's a straight up, clean, chase and gunfight, but nothing special.
130. A Dark Truth
    A little preachy/conspiratorial against big business, but Garcia's action sequences were good and he fit the role well.
131. Bood of Redemption
    Dolph Lundgren, Billy Zane, Vinnie Jones, and Robert Davi all together. It's amusing hearing Davi do an approximation of Vinnie's accent.
132. The Host
    It's amusing how laughably teen-fantasy this is: by being controlled by another being, the main character gets an excuse for her behavior. Kind of a cool futuristic vibe though. Slow and dreamlike.
133. Snitch
    A fair enough drama/thriller. Along the same lines, I'd say Vin Diesel's movie A Man Apart is better.
134. Spring Breakers
    Reminded me a lot of Havoc. I hated the girl characters in this. I did like that Franco was sincere, not the predator he first appears to be, and how happy he was about everything he owned.
135. Escape From Planet Earth
    It's fine, nothing really wrong here, I just didn't get into it. For a similar brother-vs-brother rescue mission animated movie, Arthur Christmas is superior.
136. Side Effects
    I get the feeling that I just don't like Soderbergh's movies any more because they're boring. Even a murder/psychological thriller like this. Boring.
137. Before Midnight
    I really liked the first of this series, but in this movie I couldn't find one instance of Delpy's character not being the one starting an argument.
138. Interview With a Hitman
    I like Goss in this kind of role - he would have been perfect for the video game adaptation of Hitman.
139. Plush
    There are some sexy moments and Xavier Samuel delivers and intense performance, but the music, for a band movie, is weak.
140. Girls Against Boys
    Nicole LaLiberte was a perfect choice for her role because of how sexy crazy she is, but it becomes too much at the end.
141. Womb
    Interesting dramatic idea, similar to Never Let Me Go, but boy the tragic ending really sucked the life out of my day.
142. Paranoia
    Performances throughout the movie are just over the top or lackluster.
143. The Wolverine
    As ripped as he is, Jackman is starting to show his age. Some dull movies annoy me - this one was so dull I was just numb. It doesn't feel like an X-Men movie. Heads up for the post credits scene.
144. All is Bright
    This is a completely depressing holiday movie. The acting is good, but man, the movie is opposite what you'd like to see at Christmas.
145. Scary Movie 5
    Unbelievably, the fast paced editing led me to laugh a few times.
146. Hansel and Gretel Get Baked
    I was expecting some stoner comedy, but they actually go for some bloody gore.
147. A Good Day to Die Hard
    A letdown for Die Hard fans. The plot and character actions are just utterly stupid.
148. Beautiful Creatures
    Boring, and overbearingly Southern.
149. The Numbers Station
    Kind of a cheap version of Safe House, but stuck in one location. The tech is cool, but it might have been better if Cusack hadn't seemed so depressed.
150. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
    This was not worth the wait (years since it was filmed), mostly because of a pointless twist at the end.
151. Parker
    The pacing of this movie is lousy, like it was intended for tv broadcast, and the dialogue isn't any better. Payback did a much better job with the character.
152. Sushi Girl
    A little too one-room, and predictable, but it's almost worth it to see how toad-ish (and generic) Mark Hamill is in his role.
153. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
    Pretty terrible. It's hard to decide if this or Van Helsing or even The Brothers Grimm is worse.
154. Revenge For Jolly!
    Quirky, but too violent to be funny. Seven Psychopaths is also about a dognapping but is very funny.
155. Getaway
    Selena Gomez gives one of the worst performances of the year, but this is because she was terribly cast in a terrible role.
156. Broken City
    I was surprised at how lousy this was, especially the dialogue. And Wahlberg's motivations flip on a whim. It's like it was written 20 years ago and just sat on the shelf.
157. Movie 43
    I think the only reason to watch this is to be in awe of the actors involved. Is that Hugh Jackman's sense of humor?
158. K-11
    Goran Visnjic wakes up in jail, housed with transvestites and has to survive. I need to manage my Netflix queue better. At least this was a good reminder that I don't want to go to prison.
159. InAPPropriate Comedy
    Just stupid. I fast forwarded almost every skit after the first few lines gave me the sense of the 'joke.'
160. A Haunted House
    Boring enough that I started to doze, and then was startled awake a couple times. I suspect Scary Movie 5 is at least a little more interesting.

161. Nebraska
162. Saving Mr. Banks
163. Her
164. Antiviral
165. 21 and Over
166. As I Lay Dying
167. And Now a Word From Our Sponsor
    Bruce Greenwood, Parker Posey
168. Ain't Them Bodies Saints
169. At Any Price
170. Aftershock
171. Adore
172. Afternoon Delight
173. Austenland
174. The Black Waters of Echo's Pond
175. Betty and Coretta
176. Behind the Candleabra
177. The Big Wedding
178. The Bling Ring
179. The Butler
180. The Book Thief
181. Battle of the Year
182. Black Nativity
183. Byzantium
184. Between Us
185. Black Rock
186. Diana
187. Compulsion
188. Down the Shore
189. Clear History
190. The Conjuring
191. Closed Circuit
192. Charlie Countryman
193. Everybody Has a Plan
194. The Evil Dead
195. The East
196. Fruitvale Station
197. Filly Brown
198. The Future
199. Gallowwalker
200. Grown Ups 2
201. Gimme Shelter
202. Generation Um
    Keanu Reeves
203. Go For Sisters
204. Girl Most Likely
205. How Sweet It Is
206. Hours
207. Homefront
208. Hanna Arendt
209. Home Run
210. I Give It a Year
211. In the House
212. I Spit on Your Grave 2
213. Ingenious
214. If I Were You
215. The Hangover III
216. The Hot Flashes
217. Hell Baby
218. Instructions Not Included
219. In a World
220. The Invisible Woman
221. Insidious 2
222. The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete
223. Jayne Mansfield's Car
224. Jobs
225. Jack the Giant Killer
226. Just Like a Woman
227. Justin Bieber's Believe
228. Jewtopia
229. Love, Marilyn
230. The Lords of Salem
231. Khumba
232. Kiss of the Damned
    Michael Rapaport
233. The Kings of Summer
234. Kill Your Darlings
235. The Last Exorcism Part II
236. The Legend of Sarila
237. The M Word
238. Mental
239. Metallica Through the Never
240. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
241. Magic Magic
242. Maniac
243. The Mortal Instruments
244. Only God Forgives
245. Morning
246. Night Train to Lisbon
247. Nothing Left to Fear
248. Officer Down
249. Out of the Furnace
250. One Chance
251. Petunia
252. The Package
253. Parkland
254. The Place Beyond the Pines
255. The Past
256. Pawn
257. Passion
258. The Purge
259. Pawn Shop Chronicles
260. Populaire
261. Prisoners
262. Prince Avalanche
263. Reaching for the Moon
264. R.I.P.D.
265. Romeo & Juliet (2013)
266. Redemption
267. Rapture-Palooza
268. A Single Shot
269. Still Mine
270. The Reluctant Fundamentalist
271. Stoker
272. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
273. Shadow Dancer
274. To the Wonder
275. The Sapphires
276. Stories We Tell
277. Safe Haven
278. Stuck in Love
279. The Truth About Emanuel
280. The Smurfs 2
281. Some Girl(s)
282. 3 Geezers!
283. Standing Up
284. Tim's Vermeer
285. Touchy Feely
286. Thunderstruck
287. Twice Born
288. Thanks for Sharing
289. Trance
290. Texas Chainsaw 3D
291. What Maisie Knew
    Alexander Skarsgard, Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan
292. Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas
293. Unfinished Song
294. Wish You Were Here
295. Vampire
296. War Flowers
297. Walking With Dinosaurs
298. Winnie Mandela
299. Wilde Salome
300. Zambezia
301. Tyler Perry's Temptation
302. Zaytoun



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