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You Should See This
1. The Wedding Crashers
    Other than a slow start, this was the funniest comedy of the year.
2. Oldboy (US)
    A brutally intense revenge drama.
3. Layer Cake
    Great crime drama. Sienna Miller's best screen moment.
4. The Constant Gardener
    The best romance of the year and a great political drama.
5. 11:14
    The is a funny Pulp-Fiction-esque mix of interweaving stories.
6. Broken Flowers
    Slow and quiet, but I really like it that way. Jeffrey Wright is great.
7. Match Point
    Woody Allen's best, because it's so unlike Woody Allen.
8. Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior
    Phenomenal action.
9. Grizzly Man
    You can't look away.
10. Just Friends
    Ryan Reynolds is great. Funny all the way through.
11. Casanova
    It's a little cheesy, but very enjoyable romantic comedy in a beautiful setting.
12. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
13. Hitch
14. Murderball
15. March of the Penguins
16. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
17. Dust to Glory
18. Happy Endings
19. Jarhead
20. Hustle & Flow

What the Crap?
21. Dark Water
22. Yes
23. Stay
24. The Brothers Grimm
25. A Sound of Thunder



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