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Joe Mauer
1. The Queen
    It could have been a disaster, but manages to succeed on every level. Helen Mirren is worthy of every positive adjective you can think of. Astonishing... Amazing...
2. Borat
    Fearless, revelatory comedy. Explosively funny. Let's just hope people get the joke.
3. Children of Men
    Thought-provoking and clever, this is the action movie of the year. Clive Owen is predictably great.
4. The Departed
    Absolutely outstanding. Fantastic work by the entire cast. It's easy to forget just how good Nicholson is. Scorcese is at the top of his game.
5. Superman Returns
    Captures the majesty and grandeur of the character. Terrific work by Routh. Can Bryan Singer direct every comic adaptation?
6. Casino Royale
    By far the best Bond movie in years. Daniel Craig is terrific and the movie really benefits from the focus on (relative) realism and actual acting.
7. Stranger Than Fiction
    A perfect vehicle for Will Ferrell, who is bolstered by a terrific cast (also: Queen Latifah). Never missteps despite many opportunities.
8. Little Children
    Great acting from Wilson, Winslet and Haley doesn't quite make the movie great. Still, despite losing big chunks of the book, it's a terrific movie.
9. Clerks II
    Surprisingly thoughtful and introspective. Unsurprisingly crude, rude and hilarious.
10. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
    Hilarious and absurd, the film has some dead spots but features outstanding work by all the actors. Is NASCAR Nation in on the joke?
11. V for Vendetta
    Who would have thought a guy in a mask could be expressive? Timely social commentary mixed with outstanding filmmaking.
12. Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing
    Not only is it a revealing political documentary, it's also an interesting look at the recording process of one of the world's most popular bands.
13. Pan's Labyrinth
    Outstanding fantasy that boasts impressive work by the child star.

A.J. Pierzynski
14. Cars
    Maybe it's Pixar's history, but I was mildly disappointed. The animation is beautiful, but the story is a little too obvious and predictable.
15. Babel
    Great work by the cast in this well-made, painful to watch film that ultimately collapses under the weight of itself. Just not a fun experience.
16. Lucky Number Slevin
    You can't ask for a better cast, with terrific work by Hartnett in particular. The film is nice and twisty, and the payoff actually pays off.
17. Slither
    Fun and witty. You can never go wrong with Nathan Fillion or Elizabeth Banks.
18. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    The film is missing some of the whimsy of the original, but it's still a well-crafted, creatively shot piece of pop art. Way too much setup in the first half with just enough payoff in the second.
19. The Prestige
    Not great, but the superior of the 2006 magician movies. I'll watch anything Christopher Nolan does, even if it's a bit disappointing.
20. Beerfest
    Not as good as Super Troopers but better than Club Dread. Frequently hilarious, it's just a bit too long. More Broken Lizard movies, please.
21. Jackass: Number Two
    Disgusting and hilarious. Disgustingly hilarious.
22. Invincible
    Wahlberg is good, but the supporting cast is better. It's a terrific sports film that provides the requisite chills.
23. Neil Young: Heart of Gold
    An intimate, well-shot concert film that is more for Young fans than the general public. That said, even this fan doesn't love the new's the classics that make this worthwhile.
24. The Devil Wears Prada
    Meryl Streep is just unbelievably good, as always. Anne Hathaway is surprisingly good. It's always nice to see Aquaman take other roles.
25. The Holiday
    Nothing groundbreaking, but charming all the same. Kate Winslet looks odd in modern dress...she really should do more comedy.
26. An Inconvenient Truth
    Eye-opening if a bit dull. Al Gore does his best to make the slide show interesting.

Jorge Posada
27. Dave Chappelle's Block Party
    Chappelle is engaging as always. I can't wait for the third season of Chappelle's Show...ah shit.
28. A Prairie Home Companion
    It's odd to criticize a Robert Altman movie for feeling unfocused, but this might be the one. Still, even a mediocre Altman film is better than...a bad one.
29. Little Miss Sunshine
    Not deep enough to sustain the caricatures on screen, the movie is helped immensely by Rick James' Superfreak and the always brilliant Steve Carell.
30. Thank You for Smoking
    Well made and entertaining. I was expecting something a bit more scathing. A film almost too proud of itself for being clever.
31. Monster House
    Witty and clever but missing some of the depth that would have kept a better movie going.
32. Mission: Impossible III
    Better than Mission: Impossible II but not as good as it thinks it is. Boy does Tom Cruise run a lot. The action is great and the cast is impressive. But something's still missing.
33. The Blood Diamond
    Disappointing and mediocre despite top notch talent, beautiful cinematography, and well-done action.

Javy Lopez
34. The Illusionist
    Despite good work from Ed Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel, the movie's grand ambitions don't bear fruit. It's a shame, because there's plenty of great pieces but no glue.
35. Failure to Launch
    Shockingly not godawful. The entire cast (including Terry Bradshaw) is more memorable than Sarah Jessica Parker.
36. Accepted
    Genial and harmless. Somewhat disappointing that they didn't go for an R-rating and all the benefits for the audience.
37. The Black Dahlia
    Promising but ultimately disappointing. Overly long and poorly edited, the movie steps on the all of the actor's performances.
38. Idiocracy
    Really stupid (though that's the point) but intermittently hilarious.
39. Marie Antoinette
    Surprisingly slight given the incredible set and costume design. I know what it's about, just not what it's about.
40. The Notorious Bettie Page
    Gretchen Mol is great and it looks good, but what is it about? Rarely do I complain about a movie being too short, but this one seems like it's missing 30 minutes.
41. Inside Man
    The actors are good and it looks nice, but it's all sound and fury signifying nothing. Too many loose ends...

Yadier Molina
42. American Dreamz
    Mildly amusing, but missing the bite and wit that make good satire. Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant do their best, but they're not working with much.
43. The Good German
    Muddled and without purpose, the film wastes Clooney and Blanchett. Maguire is, as always, out of place.
44. The Last Kiss
    Thoroughly unrealistic in a variety of ways. The movie tries too hard to go in multiple directions and gets lost each time. Very disappointing.
45. The Good Shepherd
    Production design and a great cast can't cover for an incredibly dull movie with a one-note performance from Matt Damon.
46. Feast
    Just not very good, though it could have been.
47. Miami Vice
    Aimless, shameless and pointless. Everyone involved should be ashamed.
48. The Fountain
    Pure gibberish. Well, at least the 25 minutes I made it through.
49. Running With Scissors
    A bad movie about mean, horrible people that completely lacks the wit, humor or charm of the book.
50. The Da Vinci Code
    A book with one interesting idea but terrible writing becomes a movie with the same problems but more boredom.
51. X-Men: The Last Stand
    Why waste a great cast (also in the movie: Halle Berry), characters and history with such terrible writing? Let's just pretend it never happened.
52. Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny
    Even as someone who enjoyed their first album and has seen the D in concert, I couldn't find anything in the movie to keep me watching past the first 20 minutes.



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