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Cinematic Viagra
1. Batman Begins
    A truly outstanding film. Comic adaptations keep getting better. Great cast, great direction. Still fantastic on second viewing. How long until the sequel?
2. Good Night, and Good Luck
    Superb and timely, shot in beautiful black and white. Wonderful writing, acting and directing abounds. George Clooney arrives as a triple threat. A mesmerizing film.
3. Serenity
    A great movie for Firefly fans, everything hoped for. Even non-Firefly fans will find it a terrific sci-fi action movie. Funny, smart, and surprisingly resonant. Holds up on second viewing.
4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    Continues the excellence of Azkaban. The cast is aging well and improving with each film. A fitting turning point in the series. Bring on the Order of the Phoenix.
5. The 40 Year-Old Virgin
    Jokes fly faster than you can keep up. Steve Carell's performance is so shockingly good you almost don't realize how nuanced it is.
6. King Kong
    Great, but could have been a classic. Overly long is my only complaint. Terrific work by Watts and the Ape. Jack Black is both mis and perfectly cast.
7. A History of Violence
    An enthralling film. Viggo Mortensen is absolutely outstanding. Cronenberg is forgiven for appearing in Jason X.
8. Sin City
    Violent, gory and exceptionally well made. A new standard for comic book adaptations.
9. Pride and Prejudice
    This sterling adaptation confirms Keira Knightly's acting chops. Charming and well made. Oddly, Donald Sutherland has one of the best moments in the film.
10. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
    Engaging and hilarious. Perfect for everyone. Terrific writing, visual gags and energy.
11. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
    The clever, well-made action comedy returns. Will likely not get the audience it deserves.

Cinematic Oysters
12. Shopgirl
    Blew the doors off my somewhat low expectations. Just outstanding work all around, particularly Jason Schwartzman with a character that could have been annoying.
13. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    A funny, engaging, plotless movie that ends up better than it should be. It's clearly time to recognize Brad Pitt's genius as a comic actor.
14. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Echoes the original film, but wholly new and still in the spirit of the book. Depp and Highmore are predictably fantastic. It's the first Tim Burton movie in ten years that doesn't suck.
15. The Wedding Crashers
    Wilson and Vaughn bring the funny, but the movie sputters in the third act, slightly spoiling something near-great.
16. War of the Worlds
    Intense and legitimately least until everything is magically resolved in the span of two minutes. Tom Cruise isn't too Tom Cruise-y, which is a nice surprise.
17. Millions
    It's a nice, heartwarming fable that leaves a couple of questions unanswered. Like how that kid's freckles are so big.
18. Mrs. Henderson Presents
    Judi Dench is, as always, outstanding. Bob Hoskins is also great, as are the various naked chicks. But something's still missing here...
19. Cinderella Man
    Finally, a decent Ron Howard movie. It hits every cliche (poverty, underdog, cute kids) but still delivers. Russell Crowe is typically fantastic.
20. Crash
    A terrifically thought provoking movie. I could have done without the television drama-esque music selections.
21. Syriana
    I appreciated it more than I liked it. If the plot's not supposed to make sense, it was a success. Better work by Damon than Clooney.
22. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    Far and away the best of the prequel trilogy. Why couldn't Lucas have gotten some writing help and only directed the action scenes (with Spielberg directing the rest)?
23. In Her Shoes
    Suprisingly decent. Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine are outstanding.
24. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    I liked it, but I couldn't stop wondering what would have happened if Terry Gilliam had gotten his hands on it.
25. Walk the Line
    Better than the similarly formulaic Ray, but still not the galvanizing film experience it should have been. Phoenix and Witherspoon sing incredibly well, but Witherspoon's acting is most impressive.
26. Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic
    She's hot, funny and clearly insane. Sarah Silverman's concert film is hilarious most of the time and occasionally dull.
27. The Interpreter
    A suprisingly capable thriller. Penn and Kidman are great, but if you have Nicole Kidman in your movie, why allow her to look so mousy?
28. Capote
    A good film with a great performance. Hoffman is distractingly good.
29. Junebug
    Amy Adams is terrific with a role that could have been camp.

Cinematic Beer Goggles
30. Layer Cake
    An engaging crime film. Looks better than it actually is. It's too bad we won't see Matthew Vaughn's X-Men 3. I have no problem with Daniel Craig as James Bond.
31. Brokeback Mountain
    Too episodic for its own good, the second half of the film saps momentum from the brilliant start. The "aging" of the cast was distracting, but Ledger does stand out.
32. Broken Flowers
    Murray is interesting, and so is the film. But interesting isn't always a good thing. Thankfully, Jeffery Wright is more than interesting.
33. The Aristocrats
    Funny, but a little too scattered for sustained laughs. Actually better as a documentary than as a "funny" movie.
34. Jarhead
    A movie about boredom that brings the viewer a little too close to that theme. Jake Gyllenhaal does his best.
35. The Family Stone
    Cliched and, ultimately, depressing. Somehow it still manages to charm. An outstanding cast does their best.
36. The Squid and the Whale
    Jeff Daniels is outstanding, but the movie never quite takes off. Certainly interesting in a depressing, sad sort of way.
37. Kingdom of Heaven
    Not as bad as the box office would indicate. Liam Neeson has cornered the market on wise father figures.
38. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    True to the books, vastly inferior to every moment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Cheesy effects can't ruin Tilda Swinton's fine performance.
39. Match Point
    Scarlett Johanssen and Jonathan Rhys Meyers' characters are so unlikable, it's hard to love the movie, but Woody Allen manages to fumble into the right ending.
40. Elizabethtown
    Extremely disappointing. Just not what you expect from a Cameron Crowe film. Orlando Bloom seems to have about two facial expressions. Thank god for the always great Kirsten Dunst.
41. Hitch
    A safe, boring film that lasts about 30 minutes too long. Will Smith needs a challenge. Not good for Eva Mendes when Amber Valleta out acts her.
42. Fever Pitch
    Jimmy Fallon in an adaptation of a Nick Hornby book? What's he going to do next, steal my wife and rape my dog?
43. The Longest Yard
    As always, it's Sandleriffic. Very funny, very cliched, and very satisfying (if you don't expect too much).
44. Sahara
    Pretty. Dumb. Pretty dumb. But pretty fun.

Cinematic Topless Kathy Bates
45. Just Friends
    Better than it should be, still pretty scattered. Anna Faris rules.
46. Rent
    Great for fans of the original musical, a bit dull for everyone else.
47. Munich
    Overlong, frequently dull and extremely disappointing. Bana and the cast are quite good, but as usual Spielberg over-Spielbergs.
48. The Island
    Filled with Bay-cliches and hilariously cheesy moments. Thank god for the stellar cast.
49. The Dukes of Hazzard
    A good time at the movies, if not a good movie. The cast sure looked like they were having a blast and the car chases were fun, but...
50. Fantastic Four
    Evans and Chiklis make the best of a bad situation. So much potential is wasted by terrible writing and directing. If there's a sequel, pray for a new writing team.
51. Bewitched
    Given the talent involved, this should have been much, much better. Credit for what quality there is goes to Kidman and Farrell.
52. Constantine
    It sure looks cool, but it's a cool looking mess. Something great (or at least better) should have come of this.
53. Kicking & Screaming
    Occasionally hilarious. Mostly dull and obvious. Will Ferrell really needs to find better material.
54. The Bad News Bears
    Aggresively mediocre. I was able to count the laughs (or mild chuckles even) on one hand.
55. Stealth
    Unbelievable. Incredible. Amazing. All those words apply if you add "-ly bad" to them. Simply horrible.
56. Lord of War
    It's too bad a cool opening sequence and intriguing premise were undone by a crappy movie. Remember when Nicolas Cage cared?
57. Legend of Zorro
    Such nice production values for a TV movie.
58. The Brothers Grimm
    You have to think this wasn't the plan...but who knows what was. A total mess.
59. Fun With Dick and Jane
    Not remotely fun. Embarrassing for everyone involved.
60. Be Cool
    Be Cool be crap (at least the 34 minutes I actually sat through).



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