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X-Men: The Last Stand

Release Date: May 26, 2006

July 17, 2005
Archangel cast for X-Men 3

Ben Foster has joined the cast of X-Men 3, which is being directed by Brett Ratner. He'll play Archangel, and will star alongside other currently confirmed cast members such as Kelsey Grammer, Vinnie Jones, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, and Ian McKellen. Maggie Grace had been in talks to play Kitty Pryde at one point, but is no longer attached to the film.
Source: Variety

June 6, 2005
X-Men get a new director

Less than a week after Matthew Vaughn departed the project as director, 20th Century Fox has signed Brett Ratner to helm the third film in its X-Men series. He recently had his schedule free up some as Chris Tucker refused to sign a contract that would put Rush Hour 3 into production in fairly short order. All of the cast signings that had been made recently, including Vinnie Jones, Kelsey Grammer and Maggie Grace, will remain intact. Production is on track to start in August 2005 as had been previously planned.
Source: Variety

June 1, 2005
Vaughn departs X-Men 3

Director Matthew Vaughn has departed the crew of X-Men 3 for 20th Century Fox. The helmer cited family reasons as his motivation for leaving the project. In a statement, he said that he initially had believed that he would be able to travel between London and Vancouver to complete the project, but when he realized he'd be required to spend extended periods in Los Angeles, he decided he was unwilling to uproot his family. Instead, he simply left the project. Fox says that they remain committed to having the film completed in time for its May 26, 2006 release date.
Source: Variety

May 18, 2005
Grammer is the Beast

Kelsey Grammer has signed on to play the pacifist PhD Hank McCoy, aka Beast, in 20th Century Fox's X-Men 3. Additionally, former British soccer player and Guy Ritchie regular Vinnie Jones will portray Juggernaut, the half brother of Dr. X and the anchor of Magneto's band of villains. They've also entered into negotiations with Lost's Maggie Grace for the role of Kitty Pryde. They're also looking for an actor to play the male role of Angel.
Source: Variety

April 6, 2005
Phoenix rises for X-Men 3

Famke Janssen has been confirmed as returning to play Jean Grey for the next film in the X-Men franchise. The demise of her character, of course, will not be ignored, as the story arc will take her into the evolution of The Phoenix, one of the more popular tales in the X-Men canon. Still in talks to return for the film are Patrick Stewart (Professor Xavier), Ian McKellen (Magneto) and Halle Berry (Storm). Hugh Jackman had already signed to reprise his role as Wolverine. Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake) will direct the film.
Source: Variety

March 25, 2005
Vaughn to helm X-Men 3

Matthew Vaughn, whose gangster movie Layer Cake will hit theaters later this year, has been hired to direct X-Men 3 for 20th Century Fox. Filming will begin this summer, and many of the original cast from the first two films will return. Hugh Jackman is already signed to play Wolverine, and Fox is in continuing negotiations with Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to reprise their roles as well.
Source: Variety

October 1, 2004
Kinberg to write script for X3

20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios are going forward with the production of X3, hiring writer Simon Kinberg (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Elektra) to write the script. Noting that he is a religious reader of the comic books, Kinberg says that the details for the story are still being determined.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

August 6, 2004
Singer is now Fox's eX.

20th Century Fox has cut short its two-year deal with Bryan singer in the middle of its first year. Last month, the director signed with Warner Bros. to direct their upcoming Superman feature. Fox had been in discussions with Singer to direct X-Men 3, which would have followed his first two successful X-Men outings, but the various parties never quite came to an agreement.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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