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The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

Release Date: October 5, 2007

February 15, 2007
New Additions to Dark Cast

Gregory Smith (Everwood) and Christopher Eccleston (Heroes) have joined The Dark is Rising, 20th Century Fox and Walden Media's fantasy adventure. It is about a teenager (Alexander Ludwig) who discovers that he is the last of group devoted to fighting the forces of the Dark. Smith will play his older brother and Eccleston will be the movie's villian, The Rider. Also joining the cast, which already includes Ian McShane and Frances Conroy, are Amelia Warner, Emma Lockhart, Gary Entin, Edmund Entin, Jonathan Jackson and John Benjamin Hickey.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

February 13, 2007
McShane to Play an Old One

Ian McShane (Deadwood) will star in The Dark is Rising for 20th Century Fox and Walden Media. The fantasy story from director David Cunningham is about a young boy (Alexander Ludwig) who discovers that he is the last in a group of immortals that is dedicated to fighting evil. McShane will play one of the immortals, a group called the Old Ones. Frances Conroy (The Wicker Man; Shopgirl) also stars.
Source: Variety

October 25, 2006
Cunningham to Direct in the Dark

David Cunningham (The Path to 9/11) will direct fantasy film The Dark is Rising for co-financers Walden Media and 20th Century Fox. The story is part of a series from author Susan Cooper, about an 11-year-old boy who discovers that he is a "Sign Seeker", the last in a group of immortals who are dedicated to fighting evil forces.
Source: Variety

October 12, 2005
Dark Is Rising moves forward

Walden Media has hired John Hodge to adapt the screenplay for The Dark Is Rising. The movie will be based on the book by Susan Cooper, which was written in 1973 and was the second in a series of five books. The story centers on a young boy whose life goes topsy-turvy when he learns that he is the last in the line of a long-standing family of immortals. Their lives are dedicated to fighting the Dark.
Source: Variety

May 6, 2005
Walden Media isn't afraid of the Dark

Walden Media has picked up the movie rights to the outstanding Susan Cooper young adult series The Dark Is Rising. The studio plans to start the movie franchise with the second book in the series, which is titled The Dark Is Rising as well. The story centers on a boy who learns on his 11th birthday that he is something known as a Sign Seeker. This means that he is the last remaining member of a group of immortals who dedicate their lives to fighting the Dark. He goes through a series of clues - some even date back to Biblical times - and discovers that the fate of the world likely rests in his hands.
Source: Variety

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