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Children of Men

Release Date: December 25, 2006

October 28, 2005
Caine joins Cuaron film

Michael Caine has joined the cast of the Alfonso Cuaron-directed The Children of Men. Based on a sci-fi novel by P.D. James, the cast already included Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Cuaron co-wrote the screenplay with Tim Sexton.
Source: Variety

October 26, 2005
Ejiofor joins Children of Men

Chiwetel Ejiofor has joined the cast of Children of Men, where he'll star alongside Clive Owen and Julianne Moore. He will play the leader of a political faction that is determined to control the future of the human race. The movie is based on a novel by P.D. James, and Alfonso Cuaron directs.
Source: Variety

September 12, 2005
Hunnam in Cuaron's next

Charlie Hunnam has joined the cast of Alfonso Cuaron's The Children of Men for Universal Pictures. He'll star alongside Clive Owen and Julianne Moore in the sci-fi actioner, which is set in a dystopian future where mankind has lost the ability to reproduce and the world's youngest human - an 18-year-old - has just died.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

June 16, 2005
Moore joins Owen in Children of Men

Julianne Moore is in talks to star alongside Clive Owen in the sci fi adventure Children of Men. Alfonso Cuaron is directing the film, which is set in the near future. The world becomes frightening and different when people lose the ability to conceive children. When Moore's character becomes the first woman to be pregnant in 20 years, Owen's character is assigned to protect her. Making matters even more dire and frightening is the fact that the youngest person on Earth, aged 18, has passed away.
Source: Variety

April 28, 2005
Owen goes for lead role

Clive Owen has signed to star in Children of Men, a sci-fi film from Universal Pictures and director Alfonso Cuaron. The movie is set in a bleak, dark, future society. It has been radically transformed by the fact that humans are no longer able to reproduce and spun into chaos at the revelation that the culture's youngest person has died at the age of 18. When a woman becomes pregnant - the first time someone has done so in 20 years - Owen's character is assigned to protect her.
Source: Variety

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