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Deja Vu

Release Date: November 22, 2006

January 27, 2006
Kilmer experiences Deja Vu

Val Kilmer is set to star in the Tony Scott-directed Deja Vu. It re-teams him with both Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer, with whom he previously worked on Top Gun. Kilmer will star alongside Denzel Washington, Jim Caviezel and Paula Patton in the film. Kilmer and Washington will play FBI terrorists who journey back in time in order to prevent a terrorist from blowing up a ferry.
Source: Variety

January 25, 2006
Goldberg has Deja Vu

Adam Goldberg will join the cast of Tony Scott's Deja Vu, where he'll star alongside Denzel Washington and Jim Caviezel. The movie is being handled by Touchstone Pictures and was written by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii. The story revolves around an FBI agent (Washington) who travels back in time to save a woman from murder. Naturally, he falls in love with her as he does so. Goldberg will be portraying a civilian scientist.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

November 29, 2005
Caviezel has case of Deja Vu

Jim Caviezel is in talks to star alongside Denzel Washington in the Tony Scott film Deja Vu. Washington stars as an FBI who travels back in time when he discovers that the woman he loves is among the victims of a terrorist attack. Caviezel would play the terrorist.
Source: Variety

October 20, 2005
Deja Vu for Scott

Tony Scott, who departed the Touchstone/Jerry Bruckheimer project Deja Vu earlier this month, has returned to direct the film after all. He'll start production in early February - most likely in New Orleans, where it was originally planned to be filmed. The movie had been scheduled to start shooting this month, but Hurricane Katrina put those plans on hold, with Scott leaving the production for logistical reasons.
Source: Variety

October 5, 2005
Scott departs Deja Vu

Tony Scott has exited as director of Deja Vu for Touchstone Pictures. The movie had been set to film in New Orleans, and due to the devastation left by Katrina, Scott felt the logistical and scheduling problems were too much to contend with. Touchstone plans to begin filming in mid-January nonetheless, and says that star Denzel Washington remains attached.
Source: Variety

April 25, 2005
Washington gets a case of Deja Vu

Denzel Washington is in final talks to work with director Tony Scott for a third time on the romantic thriller Deja Vu. The move would also reunite him with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, with whom Washington and Scott collaborated on the $159 million worldwide earner Crimson Tide. Washington will play an FBI agent who is able to travel back in time for some reason. He meets a woman and falls in love with her just prior to her impending murder. The screenplay for the film was written by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilli.
Source: Variety

March 28, 2005
Tony Scott gets Deja Vu

Tony Scott, who has directed such stuff as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II and Enemy of the State, is in negotiations to reunite with Jerry Bruckheimer to direct Deja Vu, a romantic thriller, for Walt Disney Studios. Based on a screenplay by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii, the movie centers on an FBI agent who travels back in time to save a woman from murder. Naturally, he falls in love with her.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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