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Clerks II

Release Date: July 21, 2006

September 20, 2005
Dawson has Passion

Rosario Dawson has signed to join the cast of Kevin Smith's The Passion of the Clerks for the Weinstein Co. She'll do that film, which is a sequel to the cult hit Clerks, after completing work on Killshot, another Weinstein project.
Source: Variety

August 28, 2004
Clerks. gets a sequel

BOP favorite Kevin Smith is planning a sequel to his 1994 indie hit Clerks., which was created for a mere $27,000. That film was shot after hours in a convenience store where Smith worked and starred Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson as Dante and Randal. It also introduced the characters of Jay and Silent Bob to an unsuspecting world. Jay was played by the !*@#!!^! Jason Mewes and Silent Bob was portrayed by Smith himself. The sequel, which will be titled The Passion of the Clerks, will pick up ten years after the first one left off. Where the lead characters were in their 20s in the first film, they'll now be more mature 30-somethings, but still with all the malaise and dissatisfaction that they had as young men. O'Halloran, Anderson and Mewes are all signed on to reprise their roles. The film is set to begin shooting in January. Smith, who recently had expressed his discomfort at working on the big-budget Green Hornet for which he had been hired, says that low budget indies are more his thing. He expects the budget for The Passion of the Clerks to be somewhere between $250,000 and $5 million.
Source: The Associated Press

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