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Thank You for Smoking

Release Date: March 17, 2006
Limited release

September 14, 2005
Fox Searchlight says Thank You

Fox Searchlight has emerged victorious in the bidding battle for the film Thank You for Smoking, which has played at the Toronto Film Festival. They won the rights to the Jason Reitman-directed film even though Paramount Classics is claiming to have had a verbal agreement in place to distribute the movie.
Source: Variety

February 15, 2005
Cast joins Thank You for Smoking

William H. Macy, Adam Brody and Sam Elliott have been cast for the indie feature Thank You for Smoking, based on a best-selling novel by Christopher Buckley. Also in the cast are Cameron Bright, J.K. Simmons, David Koechner, Kim Dickens, Aaron Eckhart, Robert Duvall and Katie Holmes. Eckhart will play a PR man for Big Tobacco. Jason Reitman is directing the film.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

December 15, 2004
Duvall and Holmes join cast of Thank You for Smoking

Robert Duvall and Katie Holmes have joined the cast of Thank You for Smoking, an adaptation of the Christopher Buckley book. They'll star alongside Aaron Eckhart, who will play a Big Tobacco spokesman who spins on behalf of the cigarette industry even as he tries to be a positive role model for his 12-year-old son. Jason Reitman is directing the satire.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

November 22, 2004
Eckhart is Smoking

Aaron Eckhart has signed to star in the indie flick Thank You for Smoking for director/writer Jason Reitman. It's an adaptation of the Christopher Buckley novel by the same name, which is a satirical comedy that follows the machinations of the chief spokesman for Big Tobacco. He spins for the cigarette manufacturers even as he tries to be a strong role model for his 12-year-old son.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

July 30, 2004
Room 9 is Smoking

Room 9 Entertainment has optioned the rights to the Christopher Buckley novel Thank You for Smoking from Warner Bros. Jason Reitman, who has won awards for his short films and commercials, is set to direct from his own screenplay. It will be his feature film debut. The comedy will follow Big Tobacco's head spokesman, Nick Naylor, whose attempt to be a role model for his 12-year-old son severely conflicts with his job as a spin-master for the embattled tobacco industry.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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