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Charlie Wilson's War

Release Date: December 21, 2007

December 1, 2007
Uni alters War's release date

Universal announced it will move up the release date of Charlie Wilson's War, a film starring Tom Hanks as a congressman who involves himself in covert activity in Afghanistan. Instead of Christmas Day, the drama will bow in more than 2,000 theaters on Dec. 21.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

January 11, 2006
Roberts gets ready for War

In a move that would have her starring in her first film since Ocean's Twelve, Julia Roberts is in early talks to star in Universal's Charlie Wilson's War. She would be reunited with her closer director Mike Nichols, who is also in early talks, and would co-star with Tom Hanks. The film centers on Charlie Wilson, the rogue Texas congressman who was the man in charge of covert funding to the Afghan rebels during their battle against the Soviet Union. The film is based on the book by George Crile and has a screenplay adapted by Aaron Sorkin.
Source: Variety

July 21, 2005
Hanks goes to War

Tom Hanks is set to star in Charlie Wilson's War for Universal Pictures. Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing and Sports Night, wrote the screenplay about a rogue Texas congressman whose extracurricular interest in booze and women earned him the nickname Good Time Charlie. His career almost imploded when he was caught in a hot tub with two cocaine-sniffing showgirls in Las Vegas. Somehow, he was able to survive the scandal and went so far as to oversee the most successful covert CIA operation in history. Wilson's contributions to the funding of resistance fighters in Afghanistan made the fall of the Iron Curtain take place sooner than it might have. Wilson is a lobbyist in D.C. now. Hanks will play the title role in the film. A director has not been assigned at this time.
Source: Variety

July 6, 2004
Sorkin goes to War

Aaron Sorkin has been spent his downtime since being fired from his own show, The West Wing, plotting his next move. That decision has apparently been made as the supremely talented wordsmith plans to write a movie adaptation of the George Crile book, Charlie Wilson's War. The story involves famed democratic congressman Charlie Wilson, who conspired with a CIA spook named Gust Avrakatos to put weapons in the hands of Afghan rebels. At the time, the enemy of our enemy concept made the men believe that anyone struggling against the Russian army should be given full US support. In order to accomplish this, the men repeatedly lied to congress, Avrakatos's CIA superiors and countless foreign governments. Eventually, the men's efforts would backfire as those same weapons were turned against U
Source: Variety

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