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The Amityville Horror

Release Date: April 15, 2005

August 2, 2004
Additional cast go to Amityville

Philip Baker Hall, Jesse James and Chloe Moretz have all come aboard the MGM-Dimension produced remake of The Amityville Horror, which begins filming today. Hall has taken the role of Father McNamara, and James and Moretz play the children of the family who live in the house. Already cast in major roles are Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George and Jimmy Bennett. The movie is being directed by Andrew Douglas for a group of producers that includes Michael Bay. The screenplay was written by Scott Kosar.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

July 6, 2004
Van Wilder goes to Amityville

Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds continues his casting hot streak with a lead role in the remake of the classic 1979 film, The Amityville Horror. Reynolds portrays a young father who moves into an ominous, seemingly supernatural house. As was the case with the successful Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux, Michael Bay is onboard as a producer. First-timer Andrew Douglas will direct with a script by Scott Kosar, the man who did the Chainsaw screenplay as well as The Machinist.
Source: Variety

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