Top 12 Stories of 2003

As voted by the BOP Staff

The year 2003 in cinema saw it all. New stars burst on the scene, while others saw their careers implode. Some film dynasties continued, as others inexplicably fell short of projections. Technological advances caused some to celebrate but others to wail. Ashton & Demi futures skyrocketed, but Bennifer became the short of the year. The BOP Staff considered, weighed and deliberated which stories had the greatest impact. We will unveil the stories through the end of the month, concluding with the number one story of the year on New Year's Day.

Friday, December 19
#12: Documentaries find box office success
#11: The Passion production causes controversy

Monday, December 22
#10: Hulk screener leaks
#9: Greatest movie trilogy of all time comes to an end

Tuesday, December 23
#8: Johnny Depp, box office star
#7: Disney owns summer

Friday, December 26
#6: North America to movie sequels: thanks but no thanks
#5: Arnold the Governator

Monday, December 29
#4: Gigli bombs

Tuesday, December 30
#3: The Matrix sequels fall far short

Wednesday, December 31
#2: Finding Nemo becomes top grossing movie of the year

Thursday, January 1
#1: MPAA attempts to ban screeners

Other stories receiving votes: Anti-piracy "cap codes" begin being projected on film screens; impact of the newly re-scheduled awards season; horror films leave their mark; despite X2, comic book projects bomb; The Pianist surprises at Oscars; Chicago blitzes Oscars; Ashton and Demi: Is America really this bored; Superman supermess; the fight against runaway production; Bruckheimer's Midas touch; the Kirch Media mess; Kill Bill pushes boundaries; Miramax boots around Hero and Shaolin Soccer (et al)


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