Sunday, August 30
Weekend Wrap-Up
Why, hello! Perhaps you'd forgotten that box office reporting could be a real thing that exists.

Saturday, August 29
The #1 Movie in America: TMNT
The Ninja Turtles don’t really go away.

The 400-Word Review
Armando Iannucci, primarily a skilled satirist of modern politics, probably wanted a break.

The 400-Word Review
“Bill & Ted Face the Music” has no interest in considering what has changed.

Friday Box Office Analysis
Greetings and salutations! Welcome back to the show! By garn, it’s been a while.

Thursday, August 27
Movie Review: The Eight Hundred
As the Japanese army encircles and batters them, a group of resolute, patriotic soldiers succeed against all odds...

Sunday, August 23
#1 Movie in America: Alien
Ridley Scott’s immortal “Alien” was a big hit.

Movie Review: Howard
There’s reason Disney movies remain so universally appealing and timeless, and it was lyricist Howard Ashman who played an integral role in it.

Review: Random Acts of Violence
The key descriptor for “Random Acts of Violence,” the seedy new slasher directed and co-written by Jay Baruchel, is “confrontational.”

Review: Tesla
There is only one thing that matters in “Tesla,” a biopic of the famed, idiosyncratic inventor.

Saturday, August 15
August 2020 Forecast
As July came to a close, The Goonies held steady at the box office, taking second place, just ahead of Back to the Future...

Review: Boys State
To anyone hoping that “Boys State” will offer a model of a more reasonable, understanding political future: Please abandon your hopes now.

Review: Project Power
The gambit in “Project Power,” Netflix’s shiny action spectacle, is that the audience will be willing to accept 90 minutes of cliche in exchange for 25 minutes of vivid superhero fantasy.

Monday, August 10
The #1 Movie in America
It would take a long time to explain why the fourth and fifth movies in the “Transformers” movies are very bad.

Friday, August 7
The #1 in America: CB4
While this column and its associated podcast puts an awful lot of weight on a film becoming the “number one movie in America,” that crown is often bestowed somewhat arbitrarily.

Review: Red Penguins
Some documentaries are meant to expose or explain a difficult truth. Others seek to give the viewer a better understanding of an important figure or moment.

Review: She Dies Tomorrow
A warning: This is one of those movies where you’re not getting an explanation.

Review: American Pickle
I would certainly accept a 100-year float in pickle brine at this point in 2020. And I don’t even like pickles.

Saturday, August 1
Review: Host
The Zoom call: A clunky but serviceable way to communicate with those who are not physically present.



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