Tuesday, April 30
The Amazing Race Recap
Laos! Tuk tuks! Elephant spirit guides! This episode has everything.

Review - Avengers: Endgame
Snap your fingers, and move on.

Monday, April 29
Overpaid Jerks: 4/23/19-4/28/19
The NFL draft, an epic, epic comeback, a kicker's contract and a video game coverboy. Presented free of charge, here's our sports recap quiz for the 18th week of 2019.

Sunday, April 28
Weekend Wrap-Up
That's it, folks. Time to pack it up and go home. There won't ever be another moment like this.

Saturday, April 27
Friday Box Office Analysis
Everything is different now.

Thursday, April 25
This is So Last Week: 4/19/19-4/25/19
Easter at Coachella, a superhero host, a YouTube return and a Jeopardy milestone. Have fun with our pop culture trivia quiz for the 17th week of 2019.

Thursday, April 25
Weekend Forecast
In this year of finales, the most anticipated of them all arrives this weekend.

Wednesday, April 24
Survivor Recap
So, with Julia at Extinction and Aurora self-destructing as well, Gavin and Victoria will start the night in a very precarious position.

Movie Review
“Amazing Grace” is simply a wonder...

5 Ways to Prep
Remember when we thought Avengers: Infinity War would be the biggest Marvel movie ever? Oh, the hype.

Tuesday, April 23
How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S08E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Episode One of the final season of Game of Thrones set the table. Now it's time for war preparations. Only five episodes remain, which means you should start saying goodbye to your favorites.

Monday, April 22
Overpaid Jerks: 4/15/19-4/21/19
This week saw an odd baseball injury, truly horrific defense, unexpected Round 1 ejections and more. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 16th week of 2019.

Monday, April 22
The Amazing Race Recap
We begin the race at Hermosa City Beach in Los Angeles, where we hear the welcome voice of Phil Keoghan...

Hidden Gems: First Reformed
First Reformed nabbed Paul Schrader his first Academy Award nomination this year, for Best Original Screenplay.

Sunday, April 21
Weekend Wrap-Up
Easter weekend isn’t normally a big one at movie theaters, and especially since we’re just a week away from Avengers: Endgame.

Saturday, April 20
Friday Box Office Analysis
What’s the safest bet in Hollywood? Come on, you know the answer. When in doubt, always make horror movies.

Thursday, April 18
This is So Last Week: 4/12/19-4/18/19
A mysterious countdown, music festival news, a live album/documentary release and Game of Thrones. Enjoy our pop culture recap quiz for the 16th week of 2019.

Thursday, April 18
5 Ways to Monster Mania
What's Monster Mania like? Find out!

Movie Review: Pet Sematary
For approximately two and a half scenes, Pet Sematary possesses an unsettling nerve and emotional charge...

Weekend Forecast
You'd be forgiven for having absolutely no idea that three new wide release movies are arriving in theaters this weekend.

Wednesday, April 17
Movie Review: Pet Sematary
The 2019 version of “Pet Sematary” is about on par with its 1989 predecessor, meaning it’s still just “okay.”

Tuesday, April 16
How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S08E01: Winterfell
We're down to SIX episodes of Game of Thrones, which means that the final pieces are moving into place. With the first episode of the final season, that place seems to be Winterfell, since that's the title. Also, remember that sometime over the next six weeks, one of your favorite characters WILL die.

Tuesday, April 16
Movie Review: Us
The sense of foreboding arrives even before the first image.

Monday, April 15
Survivor Recap
Tonight's episode promises a lot of scheming and playing as Ron and Co will try to pick up the pieces of the Kama Strong alliance and move forward as the underdogs.

The Number One Movie in America
The second adventure of Star Lord, Gamora and crew upped the stakes.

Sunday, April 14
Weekend Wrap-Up
New theatrical releases in 2019 pretty much fall into two categories: blockbusters, and things that are… not that.

Saturday, April 13
Friday Box Office Analysis
It's another sad box office weekend. The Avengers are coming to save us all, I swear.

Friday, April 12
This is So Last Week: 4/5/19-4/11/19
An overwhelmed Avenger, a legal career without law school, a TV retirement and notes from the pop culture/legal file. Enjoy our celebrity/entertainment quiz for the 15th week of 2019.

Thursday, April 11
Movie Review: Dumbo
The best thing about Tim Burton’s live-action version of “Dumbo” is that it reminds us what was so charming and indelible about the 1941 animated classic.

March 2019 Box Office Recap
Now let’s rewind a bit, and see what happened last month. Watch out for that third step exiting the theater, it’s a doozy!

Weekend Forecast
There is a pattern of late in which we either get one gigantic blockbuster or a slate of mediocrity, at least in box office terms.

Wednesday, April 10
Survivor Recap
For the second week in a row, we skip the Previously On segment and go straight to Vata on night 19.

Monday, April 8
Overpaid Jerks: 4/1/19-4/7/19
A woman who's The Man, women who are the champs, a team that's bad at defense and a hoops star who's in the recordbook. Enjoy our sports trivia quiz for the 15th week of 2019.

Sunday, April 7
Weekend Wrap-Up
Three new releases try their luck on the biggest opening weekend for the month of April. Well, besides that other weekend in April.

Saturday, April 6
Friday Box Office Analysis
Superheroes and horror movies continue to rule the box office. That's not changing until... Detective Pikachu.

Friday, April 5
Weekend Forecast
While much of the North American audience is already looking three weeks forward, there's still a bit of an appetizer for the superhero crowd.

April 2019 Forecast
Ten years ago, Watchmen deconstructed the superhero film. I feel we can safely say it's been re-structed.

Thursday, April 4
This is So Last Week: 3/29/19-4/4/19
New TV, a superhero birthday, a bazillion nominations and an animated classic returns. Check out our pop culture recap quiz for the 14th week of 2019.

Thursday, April 4
5 Ways to Prep for Spring
Spring is here and the box office is back to normal. January and February put Hollywood in critical condition, but then Captain Marvel came along to save the day.

Tuesday, April 2
Movie Review: Us
“Us” is a more-intriguing-than-average horror thriller that hooks and holds us by slowly connecting disparate elements and pieces of information.

Survivor Recap
Lesu is an absolute mess.

Monday, April 1
Overpaid Jerks: 3/25/19-3/31/19
We consider the Final Four, an NFL departure, a season-opening tilt and an astronomical beginning. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 14th week of 2019.

Monday, April 1
The Number One Movie in America
There’s a great episode of the always-excellent podcast Decoder Ring about the most maligned of all automotive accessories: TruckNutz.



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