Thursday, January 31
Top Chef Kentucky
The chefs have received a compassionate, but extremely pointed, critique by dad. “Be yourself, that’s when you cook the best.”

Movie Review: Glass
Whatever writer-director M. Night Shyamalan’s intentions, “Glass” will surely jumpstart many conversations, theories and debates...

Monday, January 28
Overpaid Jerks: 1/21/19-1/27/19
All-Star news, Kansas-Kentucky, Aussie Open champs and a major injury. Here's our sporting news recap quiz for the 5th week of 2019.

Sunday, January 27
Weekend Wrap-Up
It's a quiet late January weekend as the doldrums have set in and the new releases barely register.

Saturday, January 26
Friday Box Office Analysis
Do you remember how great Interstellar was?

Friday, January 25
Weekend Forecast
In years past, studios could have made the case of skipping the weekend after Oscar nominations in order to get out of the way of expanding films.

Thursday, January 24
This is So Last Week: 1/18/19-1/24/19
Know the Oscars? What about the Razzies? Who had the best nomination reaction? And which show's cast members are engaged? Prove your pop culture IQ on our entertainment quiz for the 4th week of 2019.

Wednesday, January 23
Hidden Gems
High Fidelity is one of my very favorite movies, but it didn’t start out that way.

5 Biggest Battles of 2019
I’m not sure why 2018 ended on such an underwhelming note but the trend is continuing well into 2019.

Tuesday, January 22
Review: On the Basis of Sex
In its honorable attempt to inform viewers on the early career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “On the Basis of Sex” actually shortchanges them.

Oscar Watch
There you have it. The Academy spoke loud and clear this morning and revisited truths we already knew and perhaps had forgotten.

Monday, January 21
Overpaid Jerks: 1/14/19-1/20/19
College basketball clashes, foreign basketball, a major transfer and a tumbling dynamo. Enjoy our sports recap quiz for the 4th week of 2019.

Monday, January 21
Top Chef Kentucky
Top Chef: Kentucky gets its first (non-culinary) celebrity appearance in the form of Lena Waithe this week.

Movie Review: Glass
“Is there a possibility that all this has a rational explanation?” So asks the research psychiatrist to her subject, who believes he possesses superpowers.

Oscar Watch
We are moments away from what is perhaps the most exciting moment of the awards season, at least the one more ripe for surprises.

Sunday, January 20
Weekend Wrap-Up
The first big release of 2019 is here just in time for a holiday weekend, but is going down as a disappointment.

Saturday, January 19
Friday Box Office Analysis
M Night Shyamalan is back, for better or worse.

Thursday, January 17
This is So Last Week: 1/11/19-1/17/19
The new Instagram champion, a celebrity engagement, a Critic-al award and overdue movie updates. Enjoy our celebrity and entertainment quiz for the 3rd week of 2019.

Thursday, January 17
Weekend Forecast
This year is full of endings, so many that 2019 is even being referred to as the Year of the Finale.

Wednesday, January 16
Review: They Shall Not Grow Old
One hundred years have passed since the end of the Great War, the War to End all Wars, the conflict that helped shape world history ever since its occurrence.

Top Chef Kentucky
It’s the aftermath of Restaurant Wars and we’re down to eleven chefs following the elimination of Nini and Pablo. Or are we?

Review: Escape Room
Let’s step back about twenty years, to November 1999.

5 Ways to Prep
The first blockbuster of the year is here and word on the street is that it’s… Shyamalan

Sunday, January 13
Overpaid Jerks: 1/7/19-1/13/19
A home blowout, a historic female, coaching changes and NFL football. Here's your sports recap quiz for the 3rd week of 2019. We hope you were paying attention.

Sunday, January 13
Weekend Wrap-Up
We get our first box office upset of 2019 as Aquaman is bumped out of the top spot by The Upside.

Saturday, January 12
Friday Box Office Analysis
This weekend will bring us the first ever number one movie at the box office for STX Entertainment.

Friday, January 11
This is So Last Week: 1/4/19-1/10/19
New TV, old TV in new places, Golden Globes and other movie awards. Enjoy our pop culture review quiz for the 2nd week of 2019.

Friday, January 11
Weekend Forecast
Quantity, if not quality, arrives this second weekend of January.

Thursday, January 10
December 2018 Recap
As we turn the page to 2019, the year of Blade Runner, the more things change the more they stay the same.

5 Ways to Recap 2018
Get ready, friends, as we remember 2018 with five different Top 5 lists! Ready, set, RECAP!!!

Monday, January 7
Overpaid Jerks: 12/31/18-1/6/19
Wild card madness, fired coaches, winning streaks and outdoor hockey. Enjoy our sports recap quiz for the 2nd week of 2019.

Monday, January 7
Top Chef Kentucky
Top Chef: Restaurant Infinity War. At the end of this episode, two chefs will be Thanos-ed from the show.

Movie Review: Vice
If the intentions of “Vice” are bold and ambitious, the means by which it carries them out are conventional by comparison.

Sunday, January 6
Weekend Wrap-Up
The first weekend of 2019 brings us a lot of the same movies we saw released over the holidays, but the first new release of the year does pretty well for itself.

Saturday, January 5
Friday Box Office Analysis
It's the first weekend after the holiday box office bonanza...

Friday, January 4
This is So Last Week: 12/28/18-1/3/19
Masked performers, choosing your own adventure and box office champs. Also: goodbye to Gene, Bob and Daryl, in our pop culture trivia quiz for the first week of 2019.

Friday, January 4
January 2019 Forecast
Fans of content... this is not your month. August and November 2018 would have been more your thing, bursting out with new releases.

Thursday, January 3
Weekend Forecast
The first weekend of January has often been a place for big films to launch, both from awards expansion and from brand new films to market.

Wednesday, January 2
Movie Review: Bumblebee
There are two movies at work in Bumblebee.

Tuesday, January 1
5 Ways to Prep
With Christmas finally behind us, we have nothing but free time to fill and gift cards to spend.

Top Chef Kentucky
From Richard Blais and Brooke Williamson to Nina Compton and Karen Akunowicz—the parade of Top Chef alums continues.

Movie Review: Roma
The generally accepted rule for film aesthetics is that the aesthetics should mirror what’s happening in the film.



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