Sunday, June 29, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback Topic #3: Is there any name brand you trust more than Pixar in any industry?

Monday Morning Quarterback Topic #2: WALL-E is expected to follow the trend of other Pixar releases by having huge legs. Given that consumers will tell their friends that this is largely a silent film for the first half, do you think legs could be more of a problem than would ordinarily be the case for a Pixar film?

Monday Morning Quarterback Topic #6: Get Smart fell 48% to $20.0 million this weekend, giving it a running total of $77.3 million after 10 days. Is this better, wrose or about where you expected the movie to be at this point in its release?

Monday Morning Quarterback Topic #1: WALL-E opened to $62.5 this weekend, making it the fourth most successful Pixar debut out of their nine titles. Should Pixar (and Disney) be pleased with this result?

Monday Morning Quarterback Topic #5: Going into the 4th of July weekend where it will directly compete against another anti-superhero movie, do you have any concern about Wanted's legs?

Monday Morning Quarterback Topic #4: Wanted, the nihilist action film from Universal, earned a surprising $51.1 million. How did the studio achieve such a strong result?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

As on every Monday, a new trivia question appears on the bottom of the BOP Today page.

To date, here are the individuals who have answered the most questions correctly:

36 Correct:
David E.

jack foley



Gentle Ben
Luke Wienecke

Matthew Y.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

This ends BOP's live blog of the 2006 Academy Awards. We will continue our discussion of these results in other formats over the next few days. Until then, we sincerely appreciate your joining us for tonight's festivities.

Cathy Schulman, accepting the Oscar for Crash, thanked her husband and her wife. Kinky.

If you happened to miss seeing Crash in the theatres, it is out on dvd. The Academy asks that you please not buy it or rent it.



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