August Forecast

By Marty Doskins

We're starting to wind up the Summer Movie Season of 2003. It's been quite a memorable movie season. There have been quite a few surprises, both positive and negative. It's really kept us on our toes here at Box Office Prophets. But the season's not over yet. Let's see how I think August is going to shape up in terms of box office numbers.

1. American Wedding

I think this one's going to be the big hit of the month. The first two movies established a large following and this third film in the trilogy looks like it's going to bring in the crowds. The movies have gone through a natural progression. Everything made sense to audiences and everyone had fun in the process. This film should start August out with a bang.

2. S.W.A.T.

This is the latest in the "TV shows made into a movie" genre. I always watched this show when it was on when I was younger and that theme song was memorable. But that won't matter too much to audiences. We've got two very popular stars in Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell. That should be enough to draw crowds. Plus, the marketing campaign's already kicked in and it looks like this a true action film.

3. Freaky Friday

A remake of the Disney classic. The commercials have been funny and the audiences that I've been with that have seen the trailer seem to enjoy it. Of course, the lower ticket price hurts the box office numbers, but it should make up for it in terms of volume.

4. My Boss's Daughter

Ashton Kutcher's been keeping his name in the headlines with his relationship with Demi Moore. It should also help the box office numbers. People will be reminded of him and go to the theaters. Also, Ashton's co-star, Tara Reid, will bring in teen audiences. They're the ones with the money to spend and it should translate to decent box office numbers opening weekend.

5. The Medallion

Jackie Chan always brings in his fans. They are loyal and want to see his fancy footwork. Good or bad, there should be a nice turnout on opening weekend for this movie. The movie's "legs" are another issue altogether.

6. Freddy vs. Jason

Robert Englund dons the Freddy Krueger guise yet again as these two masters of the horror film genre battle it out for ultimate supremacy. Sounds like an intro for a wrestling pay per view, doesn't it? You'll have some die-hard horror fans come out for opening weekend, but I think it should show up at your local Blockbuster sooner rather than later.

7. Open Range

Kevin Kostner's going to try yet again to get a box office smash. I think he's going to be disappointed once more. I think the movie looks pretty good. I've always enjoyed Westerns. However, I'm thinking that attaching Kostner's name to the directing credits really hurts a movie. I think that if this film had a different director, we might see better results. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but better than what we're going to have.

8. Jeepers Creepers II

Sounds like this sequel could've just as easily gone direct-to-video. But the studio's going to release it anyway. I think this one's going to be a big flop at the box office this time around. I don't think you're going to see much word-of-mouth to save this one.

9. Gigli

"Jen and Ben" have really been everywhere in the media in the past month or so. The interviews usually go something like, "Yes, the wedding plans are going fine and, by the way, Jen (Ben) and I are in a new movie called Gigli. Go see it." Again, keeping your image in the press will boost the revenue, but probably not enough to save this dog.

10. Marci X

I think this film starring Damon Wayans and Lisa Kudrow is going to be way under the radar. Unless we see a serious marketing push, this one's going to be gone from theaters before you know it.

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