BOP's 50 Most Romantic Movies: Introduction

By BOP Staff

February 8, 2006

Some romantic gestures are more sweeping and grand than others.

Attention calendar buffs and inattentive boyfriends! February 14th is upon us once again. Yes, we know it's a corporate creation of a holiday, but we choose to be sunny optimists. Before the introduction of Valentine's Day, February 14th was a bitter winter-fest celebration of isolation, where physical contact was shunned. Imagine a World of Warcraft convention without the booth babes. Let's face it. Madonna was right. We need a holiday.

So, we're going to ignore the crassly cynical knowledge of the 17,000% increase in sales of chocolate, roses and Hallmark cards and instead focus on the positivity of new lingerie. BOP wants to increase the sensation of emotional contentment, because we love you, the readers, as much as you love the cute guys from Supernatural, Sawyer from Lost and the new Vanity Fair spread with Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. We've taken time out to poll the entire staff in order to determine the films we as a group feel are the 50 most romantic of all-time. As is the case with any list of this nature, there are going to be quirks and idiosyncracies. Some members of our staff are family-oriented, some folks fall somewhere in the middle, and some of them are into stuff that would make the kinky Wachowski brother blush. We have a nice balance of older titles sprinkled in with the new, but as is the case with most compilations of this nature, it's the more recent work that gets the majority of the focus. Without further ado, we present to you the first ten selections of our 50 Favorite Romantic Movies. Keep checking back between now and Valentine's Day to see the full list.

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