Elf Off the Shelf 2017: Part Three

By Daron Aldridge

December 25, 2017

Ugh. Again.

Day 18: Superpower checklist: Flying - Check. Fast - Check. Stealthy - Check. Magical - Check. Immune to cold - Check. Sounds like the Elf is "All In" to be a member of the Justice League.
Ah, to be a Cory.

Day 19: "Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be an elf." It's eerie how much elves and vampires have in common.
Sloth love Chunk.

Day 20: When you're contending with gangsters, treasure maps, pirate ships, bankers, bullies and booby traps, it's no wonder that both Goonies and elves never say die!

So many elves. Eesh.

Day 21: The Elf has spent many days living as someone else in movie posters these past five years. Now it's your turn at "Being John Elfovich."
Featuring David Bowie elf!

Day 22: Of course, the Elf would know that every magic trick has three parts: the Pledge, the Turn and the Prestige. Making a name disappear off the Naughty list isn't the trick; you have to make it reappear on the Nice list.
The Rock=biggest star ever

Day 23: It's Jumanji! The jungle might actually be less precarious and have fewer pitfalls than some scout elves' households with the roaming and hungry dogs living there.
Hi ho!

Day 24: The Elf decides to try his hand at another line of work during the Christmas offseason. Why not join his diminutive brethren in the diamond mines.
All aboard!

Day 25: It's been a long December of flying back and forth to the North Pole. The Elf just hitches a ride on the Polar Express and enjoy some hot chocolate. Merry Christmas!



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