Elf Off the Shelf - Days 1-9

By Daron Aldridge

December 10, 2015

The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon continues to steamroll the Christmas consciousness. If you have somehow escaped this trend, here's how it works: Your family buys the Elf on the Shelf and all through December, he moves around the house after the kids go to bed. He serves always as the eyes and ears of Santa, and then flies home to the North Pole every night to report. He's a Christmas surveillance drone, if you will.

For the fourth year, the Elf is not content with merely hanging out on some shelf or mantle. He's once again taken a liking to not just invading your homes but well-known movie posters. Now, he returns as an Elf Off the Shelf.
That's how you get ants!

Day 1: Given his normally diminutive size it's not a stretch as to why he picked Ant-Man to kick off his adventures onto movie posters for this year.

Day 2: From one hero to another. On this second day of December, he takes the shape of the Elf-erine in the teaser poster for the X-Man's second solo film.

Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?

Day 3: It's Day 3 and fittingly time for Three Amigos. If you're wanting to see the Elf be Steve Martin, then it's (and he's) your Lucky Day. [See what he did there?]
Urbane as always.

Day 4: In honor of Daniel Craig's fourth outing as Bond, the Elf has shaken but not stirred things up by taking on Spectre.
Elves can love, too!

Day 5: "Yo, Adrian...It's only 20 days 'til Christmas." In recognition of Rocky's return to relevance with Creed, the Elf assumes the role of the Italian Stallion in his debut.
What a lovely day!

Day 6: The Elf gets a little post-apocalyptic but I'm not sure that Santa would appreciate his helper being so "Mad." I wonder if Fury Road is the way he travels to and from the North Pole.
I wonder how he got all buff.

Day 7: Of course, it must be a Furious seventh day and The Rock is the only way that the Elf would want to be a part of this franchise. Day 6 was Fury Road and Day 7 is Furious. What will Day 8 be?
I'm commandeering this tank for Santa!

Day 8: The Elf caps off his tri-Fury-logy by joining Brad Pitt's tank crew in 2014's war flick. Sorry, Shia. You're out of the squad.
Where are the fireworks?

Day 9: The Elf tries to fill the shoes of Cary Grant and charm the charming Grace Kelly in "To Catch an Elf."



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