Elf Off the Shelf Part I

By Daron Aldridge

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, friends. We at BOP wish you the happiest of holidays.

For the last few years the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon has captured the attention of kids everywhere. Here's how it works (for the uninitiated): Your family buys the Elf on the Shelf and all through December, he moves around the house after the kids go to bed. He serves always as the eyes and ears of Santa, and then flies home to the North Pole every night to report. He's a Christmas surveillance drone, if you will.

Well, it appears that in his downtime, the elf has left the confines of homes across the world and ended up in well-known movie posters. Simply, he is now an Elf Off the Shelf.

Here are his 15 appearances for Christmas Eve. Check back tomorrow for the Christmas Day top 10!

The Good Elf

25) "Evil has many faces." Who knew that one of those faces could just as easily be that of the Elf on the Shelf as it could be Macaulay Culkin.
The Elfpendables 2

24) For the second poster in our countdown, appropriately, the elf is now in Expendables 2.

Whatever your elf's name is, it's probably more menacing than Stallone's name in these movies - Barney.

23) The elf's new claws would make gift wrapping simpler at the North Pole, though. "I don't need scissors, just these...Snikt!"
Elf-y Woman

22) I don't think that Santa would approve of the elf procuring the services of Vivian. That is a surefire way to end up on the naughty list.
Elfspray, starring Zac Elf-ron

21) When I told the elf this was the next poster, he agreed on one condition: to not let him assume the place of trainwreck/PR nightmares John Travolta or Amanda Bynes.

I was happy to oblige.


20) This one is particularly appropriate since I have been "surgically" removing the elf's face to place it on another five times at this point.

Also, I adhere to the elf's strict "No-Travolta" rule.
Terms of Elf-dearment

19) The elf invades one of the greatest tearjerkers of all time.

"Come to laugh. Come to cry. Come to care. Come to terms...with how creepy the elf is as Debra Winger."
The Dark-Elf Knight

18) In honor of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy concluding this year, the elf wants to know "Why so serious?"

Thanks to BOP's Kelly Metz for this suggestion.
Episode IV – A New Elf

17) "The force is strong with this elf." Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Elf.

It's a near certainty that the elf is still less annoying than Jar Jar Binks and a better actor than Hayden Christensen.
Elfing Crashers

16) Just what every December wedding needs: a pair of elfin wedding crashers. Hide your bridesmaids and eggnog.
The Incredib-Elves

15) Our good elf is just magical enough to convincingly portray mild-mannered insurance office drone Bob Parr as well as superhero extraordinaire Mr. Incredible...rather Mr. Incredib-elf.
Elf-fast Club

14) The Breakfast Club now consists of a brain, an elf, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.

The elf does have a youthful life in his eyes that Emilio had before years of dealing with brother Charlie and the shame of the Mighty Ducks films.
Elfmas Vacation

13) Lucky number 13 and the elf keeps his pleasant expression despite being "shocked" a la Clark Griswold.

12) I always suspected that the line between elf and diva was a thin one. It's plain to see that Christina is way more elfin than Cher.

As suggested by BOP webmaster Tony Kollath.
Elf As Elf

11) It's truly fitting that he finishes out Part One by getting into the easiest character yet for him...Buddy the Elf.



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