Survivor: Cook Islands
Why Would You Trust Me?
By Jim Van Nest
November 28, 2006

I lost to *her*? Are you kidding me?

Hello, good people, and welcome to a Turkey Day edition of Survivor. Hopefully your Thanksgiving was as delicious as mine and now you're sitting back ready to watch another episode of the best season of Survivor in years. Previously on Survivor, Candice and Adam made me sicker, Jenny got bitchier, Aitu continued their dominance and oh yeah, Raro got a surprise when they had to vote out two people at Tribal Council. Amazingly, Jonathan and Candice lived another day as Rebecca and Jenny were sent packing. Rumors abound that a merge is imminent. Who will be voted out tonight?

After watching the white folks stick together last week, I'm gonna go ahead and start the game of "It's anyone but Nate" now. After being backstabbed on the Jenny vote, Nate is definitely on the outside looking in. We begin with Raro and once again Jonathan is out to fish and he's feeling pretty powerful as the provider. When he comes back from fishing, there's still no fire and the tribe is completely inept without him. There's no water, no nothing. And then it happens, he starts bossing people around. Shouldn't he know that that's the first step out the door? Maybe Nate stands a chance.

We come back from the opening with Aitu. All the challenges seem to be taking their toll on Yul. He's hurting pretty good right now. The entire tribe seems to be dragging a bit after constantly being forced to fight for their lives.

Probst sighting! And Aitu gets their first look at the new Raro. Aitu is in shock and you can see they smell blood. Then Jeff uncovers the paints, the flag and the new buffs. Welcome to the merge. On Jonathan's suggestion, they choose Raro's camp as the new camp. The tribe is given a new catamaran and they begin the trek toward the merge. On board is the traditional merging feast and it's a bunch of drinking and screaming. Kinda like a NASCAR race.

As everyone is rejoicing, Yul is thinking. He's trying to find any chink in the Raro armor, because he knows he's still down in the numbers. As Adam is puking over the side, Jonathan can't believe how the younger kids are acting. Since I'm writing this as I watch, I can't help but think Jonathan, if given the chance, might jump ship back to Aitu. Stay tuned.

As we land at camp, we learn that the new tribe is Aitutonga. Nate is telling us that he feels good about the numbers. We see Nate talking up Ozzy. Ozzy is talking him up right back. They make an alliance, but after seeing Nate dupe Brad, you can't trust that he's serious. We then join drunken Adam making the moves on Parvati. Uh oh!

Yul and Becky are devising a strategy for leaking the info about the hidden idol. Yul feels that there isn't enough of Raro to split the vote. He targets Jonathan as a potential alliance mate. Jon tells Yul that he can't go back to them. Ozzy won't trust him. Jon says that for him to jump ship, he has to align with the person with the idol. Otherwise, he's toast. Jonathan is a very smart player. He realizes that the only way to flip again is if he flips back to the person with the idol. Yul wisely decides not to tell him. The conversation was just way too vague to risk giving up that kind of info. Also, I think the fact that Yul didn't out himself might lead Jon to believe he doesn't actually have it. I guess we'll see.

We come back to Yul telling Sundra that he has the idol. And that he thinks he can use it to get Jonathan on their side. And if it works out, it gets the old Aitu into the Final four. We flip to him telling Ozzy. He was waiting for a time to change the game and he thinks now is the time. Ozzy is very excited, but he's worried about what to do with Nate. However, he feels like his loyalty has to lie with Yul. Parvati and Candice are discussing that if Ozzy wins immunity, Yul has to go. They're also nervous about Yul and Jon talking so much. When they ask him, Jon tells the girls that Yul is just trying to get him on their side. They all seem to be shifting toward Yul. Jon does not like this because Yul could have the idol. And if so, he's likely to be the one going home. It seems that he's looking to get Yul to show him the idol. He wants some assurance one way or another. Hopefully, Yul will just keep it to himself.

Probst sighting! And it's immunity time. Jeff whips out the new necklace. The challenge is a simple one. They'll hang on a pole. Last one on the pole wins. Tailor made for Ozzy. If anyone else wins, it's like Tiger losing the Masters. Adam is the first one to start sliding, then Nate. For such a big strong guy, Adam proves to be quite the sissy and is the first to drop out. Jonathan is starting to hurt. He says it's his feet because they're bigger. Which gets Yul to agree and he starts spouting off some physics of the matter and I have to say, I'm convinced.

This challenge is rigged for the smaller people. And with that Jonathan drops out and Nate and Sundra begin to fall. Nate drops out and Yul begins to drop down. Sundra drops out and I'm thinking that Yul should just drop, let Ozzy win and practically beg Raro to vote for him. And down he goes. Ozzy, Parvati, Candice and Becky remain. Ninety minutes in, Parvati loses it. Becky drops out a minute later leaving it a showdown between Ozzy and Candice. And then the rain starts. It's really coming down and Candice drops on the pole. She's in trouble and Ozzy is showing no sign of struggle. 135 minutes in, Candice drops out giving Ozzy the first individual immunity.

We get back to camp and the talk is about the challenge. Nate is happy that Ozzy won, because he likes him. He's hoping that down the road, he can work with him. Adam tells us that the vote will be going to Yul. Parvati tells us he's next because "he's brilliant." We join Yul and Jonathan and he shows off the idol and asks Jonathan to join with him or go home. Yul tells Jon that he wants to go to the final two with him because he'll have a better chance of winning against him. Jon comes back and talks to Adam and says he's concerned that Yul has the idol. But the rest of them are pretty sure that he doesn't have it. With this, Jon realizes that his tribe is too dumb for him and it could cost him the game. Adam talks to Nate and tries to get him to give Jon his way. Nate is very much against that and Adam begins to wonder about Nate and how much he's talking with Ozzy.

And now's the time on Survivor when Adam and Candice make out. Back at the fire, Jonathan is still on the fence because if he betrays Candice and Adam now, he'll have betrayed everyone out there. Yul asks Jon who they should vote for and he tells them Nate. Yul's having a hard time because he doesn't feel Jon is totally solid and that he could just be trying to get the target off his back. The bottom line is Raro is voting Yul and at Aitu it is a toss up between Jonathan and Nate.

We get to Tribal and the questions are about the merge. Jon tells us there's not as much room to sleep now. Sundra says they have to think individually now but still with alliances. Nate tells us that the tribal alliances are still in play. Yul says they're at a disadvantage and tonight could be pivotal. Becky discusses the bond between Adam and Candice. Parvati says they love each other and want to make babies. Gotta love her. Ozzy says that tonight's vote will either be the beginning of the end of Aitu or it could set something in motion. Nate seems to think the tribes will stick together, but if there's a change in that, there will be problems at camp.

Surprise, Ozzy doesn't want to give up the immunity necklace. And now, it's time to vote. Wow, they don't show us any votes this time around. What's up with that? I guess we can plan on a hidden idol play tonight, so they don't show us any names. Jeff will tally the votes. Yul. Yul. Nate. Yul. Nate. Nate. Yul. Nate. We're tied 4-4. And the ninth vote is for Nate. Looks like Jon made the smart play and Yul's idol is still a secret. Wow, I hate to see Nate go...but dammit, be smarter than that, man. How can you not think that there's a chance Yul has the idol? Dude's the smartest person ever to play this game and he's proven to be a stud out there. Honestly, you deserved what you got, Nate. You're my boy, but you deserved it.

Next time on Survivor. The tribe is totally pissed off at Jonathan. Apparently the Aitus and Jonathan are eating and not sharing. And Candice gets up in his face about backstabbing her. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ya know, if it was Parvati or Adam, that's one thing. But Candice? Miss Step Off The Mat? You gotta be kidding me. Until next week, take care.