Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
March 18, 2006

I wear a mask to hide my shame over Friday's numbers.

The first big event film of 2006 arrives, and one wonders if it's time to start panicking about the 2006 box office year yet.

V For Vendetta

The explosive actioner starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving opened to a rather underwhelming $8.8 million Friday. That might not be exactly what Warner Bros. was looking for on opening night, but it should be the type of movie that will pull in a solid weekend multiplier, even if a $30 million opening is pretty much out the window. A solid Saturday is hopefully in order, and I figure a multiplier of around 3.2, giving V for Vendetta $28.2 million for the weekend.

She's The Man

The Amanda Bynes-led Shakespeare adaptation earned $3.9 million Friday. This is virtually identical to Bynes' last big starring role, What A Girl Wants, which managed $3.5 million opening night nearly three years ago now. That teen flick had 3.26 multiplier, so might as well apply that to She's The Man, which would give it a decent $12.7 million for the weekend.

Notable Holdovers

Failure to Launch drops 45.1% from last Friday, a rather alarming number for a romantic comedy. It should come in at around $15 million for its second weekend.

The Hills Have Eyes also falls 59.1%, a typical drop for a horror flick. Figure about $7 million for the weekend.

The Shaggy Dog is down a mere 16.7%, an awesome drop, even for a kids film. Look for about $14 million for the weekend.