Friday Box Office Analysis
Aeon Sucks
By Tim Briody
December 3, 2005

Nobody puts Aeon in a corner.

Nobody suffers from a turkey hangover quite like the box office does.

Aeon Flux

The way-too-late (if it was even ever a good idea in the first place) adaptation of the animated series earned $4.8 million Friday. Weekend multipliers tend not to suffer over this weekend, just the box office in general. That said, Aeon Flux never really had any momentum going into the weekend and should have a mediocre multiplier of 2.7, good for a somewhat disappointing $12.9 million weekend.

Notable Holdovers

It's huge drop-offs all around! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire falls 77.5% from last Friday, but should recover to around the $20 million mark for the weekend.

Elsewhere, Walk the Line drops 59.7%, Yours, Mine and Ours falls 67.4%, Rent is off 62.2% and In the Mix is down 64.5%. Inexplicably, Just Friends bucks the trend and drops only 46.4%.